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The deputies met decrease in the budget of the EU ceiling

19 February, 07:14

the BEST EUROCRATS yesterday opposed the historic budget of the case, that cut would limit their expenses, for the first time.

All 27 premiere of the EU, the Union of the States, the agreement on the package of Michael wrote in Euro 908.4bn (pounds 784.3bn) costs between 2014 and 2020., with a limit of Euro 960bn.

This is below the Euro 994bn limit of seven in the previous year, the budget cycle, and from the Euro-1.05 trillion, the Eurocrats originally demanded.

But senior figures in the three largest parties in the European Parliament, whose consent is necessary in order to make long-term plans, offered to supply, in spite of the recession, and asceticism in Europe.

Hannes Swoboda, which is the second largest faction in the chamber, called the proposal “unacceptable”. Guy Verhofstadt, President of the liberal coalition, and Joseph Daul, Chairman of a large block, the European peoples party, joined the choir of the parliamentary discontent.

In the budget deal was hailed as a historic victory for Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron, at the time when the authority in question, by his own party, which trails work in the elections.

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African countries, warns that the output will be plunged again

14 February, 05:41

SHARES in gold miner African Barrick Gold fell yesterday, when he had disappointing results for the entire year, and the forecast reduction of production for the fourth year in a row.

In the FTSE 250 gold mining company said that production in the sink for the fourth consecutive year in 2013, to between 540,000 and 600 000 ounces of the yellow metal.

in the Last year the output went to 626,000 ounces of gold, compared with 688,000 ounces in 2011, mainly due to the drawdown of an old mine.

African Barrick Gold, which has four production mines in Tanzania, said that earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization for the whole year was $distance 331m (pounds 213m), after almost 40% in 2011, and below.

the accident occurred because of the decrease in production was hit by a strike at their flagship Bulyanhulu mine, and illegal mining in the North-Mar - but also cash costs, which rose by 37 per cent from their level 2011 $949 per ounce.

After the merger negotiations between" maternal Barrick Gold and the national Chinese gold mining company in January, in Tanzania-oriented company, pulled out the operational writing, with a focus on reducing costs, chief Executive officer Greg Hawkins said the city in the EVENING was “strong emphasis” in this year.

Hawkins, adding that investors should be “stick”, the company, because shes going through a difficult time.

analyst at Canaccord Genuity, said that the production of purpose “is significantly lower than our forecast, while Cailey Barker Numis said that investors should avoid the company, and added that “another disappointing outcome of the series disappointer”.

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Royal Dutch Shell changes in the rules

11 February, 07:30

Royal Dutch Shell has unilaterally change the rules, one of the most important components in the North sea Brent on the market, sets the basis of billions of dollars from the sale of oil, around the world in search of support, trading liquidity. Shell said that it would have changed his SUKO 90 conditions, which determine how forward BFOE (Brent, Forties, and platform), the goods may be sold. Shell has published changes in the conditions of use of the site.

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