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RBS considers hybrid sales

20 February, 06:21

supported by the STATE Bank" RBS is considering sold a share 316 branches, they are forced to discharge before, the largest share in a list or sale, showed himself yesterday.

Such a step would be possible to entice investors in the machine, called the project a rainbow, shows that buyers are ready to buy into the machine.

the branches of something is not sold, in Santander, but the deal fell through in the past year. The Bank can not explain his plan, as soon as he continues to work through its functions.

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Mark Carney, to be on the grill of deputies

01 February, 05:57

the future of the Governor of the Bank of England will appear before the parliamentary Committee on Thursday next week, the first public control of the person to fill, Mr. Mervyn king shoes in June. Carney, currently Governor of Canadas Central Bank, in the person of the Vice-heavyweight Treasury Committee under the chairmanship of Andrew tyrie, in the morning of Thursday, to answer the questions about his new role.

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Glaxo promises sweeter 2013, and the sales are in the apartment

07 February, 05:31

the PHARMACEUTICAL giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), said yesterday that he expects that revenue and profit for the rest of this year, despite the weak European market, to involve in a lower sales from one per cent in 2012.

chief Executive Andrew Witty also revealed that the company is to weigh the future of his famous Lucozade and Morse brands, which refused to exclude the possibility of the failure of both.

Witty was said, that he has an open mind for the future of drinks, as GSK will start the review, the report will be up to the middle of the year.

the company may seek partners to help grow brands in their major emerging markets, or more money to invest or not to sell. Nothing is impossible, " emphasizes Elegant.

Lucozade and juice pull high income in countries such as Nigeria and new Zealand, but also in the UK, however, have been less successful in countries such as India and China.

He said that beverages are not naturally with the company operations, as well as other products, such as Horlicks.

as reported upbeat about GSK future in the sale of drugs, points to six new products, starting in 2012, and argues that the pipeline Packed with promising new projects.

the main thing-profit before income tax decreased by four per cent of pounds 7.6bn in 2012 at seven per cent decline in European sales as a result of States of lower prices. The government [in Europe] to send a very clear signal, " Cute, " he said and added that GSK will pay their attention to other parts of the world. The growth in the other place, " he said.

however, GSK, it is expected that the basic income per share, an increase from three to four per cent in 2013, forecast that the volume of sales will be one percentage point higher.

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