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US airlines clinch a $11bn of the mega-merger

14 February, 06:27

the WORLDs largest airline will be unveiled today in the morning after the advice of American Airlines and US Airways voted late at night, to combine the two companies in the $11bn (7 pounds Billion euros), to be dealt with.

In the combined company will have about 1,500 aircraft, $39bn (25 billion pounds.) in annual revenue, and has more than 100 000 people.

US Airways chief Executive Doug Parker, it is expected that the head of the business combination, which see American Airlines out of bankruptcy procedures, after 15 months. American and chief Executive Tom Horton will remain on the Board, one more year, but not the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Up to $1 billion annual savings are expected as a result of this transaction.

In the form of accession of many American creditors 72% of the shares of the United company and US Airways shareholders of the others. The company will be the Council of 12 members: four from US Airways, three of America and five appointed creditors of the USA.

As part of the deal, US Airways leave the Star Alliance, to oneworld global airline Alliance, of which American Airlines already a member, together with British Airways.

US Airways will, then your agreement with the United States trade unions in the past year, which in combination ship will be through American Airlines and will be in Fort worth, Texas, where America is at the present time, sources said. US Airways is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona.

WE aviation industry saw a wave of consolidation in the last ten years after the establishment of the merged with Continental, Delta, joins forces with the North-West.

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Watchdog back Libor has cuts

21 February, 07:48

BARCLAYS has earned several million pounds-a decrease in Libor manipulation well, because it worked, that together with the consequence, the Financial Service Authority, stressed today.

protection from the issues of the parliamentary Commission of the Bank, standards, FSA, said that it is crucial to stimulate the banks, which are open with information.

Barclays received a 30% discount for the settlement of the early, finish a fine in the amount of pounds 85m to pounds 59.5m.

Early settlement has many potential advantages, as it can be, for example, in the preservation of the FSA-resources, news came on the market before, and the public perception of timely and effective measures, - said the FSA.

therefore, We believe that it is in the public interest for the decision of questions, and for a start, if possible.

But the FSA has this discount has already come on top of another slice great, because Barclays was useful, by way of study, and not only in the resolution.

the advantages of cooperation with the FSA are cumulative - the firms recognition of its weakness and protective measures, which, after offend may at lower prices than would otherwise be the case of a punishment, it further reduced by the settlement of the discount, - he explained.

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The OECD-led indicates the more elastic the UK economy in the mid-2013

12 February, 04:42

the SIGN of the British economy assume that it will recover, to put it mildly, about the year 2013, according to the organization for Economic cooperation and development (OECD).

recent OECD composite leading indicators (CLI), the forecast of the economic conditions in the six months to December of the previous year increased again, but this time only on 0.09 points.

It follows on the heels of stronger all the injections for each of the past five months, and pushed further the CC on its long-term average in 100 100.7, with the OECD again and describes the situation as reinforcing growth.

however, the organization is not to say that the symptoms were slightly weaker compared to the previous month comparison.

But while the British GDP growth may disappear in comparison with the rapid pace of developing economies, their CLI trounced Brazil, China, India and Russia, which vary from 97.7 at 99.6. Three of the four fell more than one percent in the past year.

in contrast to the UK CLI rose to 1.55 per cent for the year, beating not only economies, but also all international of seven leading industrialized countries, but to the average of the OECD, 0.25.

Howard Archer of IHS Global Insight, said the notes pointed to the fragile rest by 0.3% hit to GDP suffered in the fourth quarter. In the United Kingdom, the growth only to intact, but he struggles to help Archer said.

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