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Deputies of the demand of the tax avoided name and shame for HMRC

19 February, 06:48

for physical persons, who take part in the sphere of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes, their names should be publicly HM Revenue & customs, Chairman of the parliamentary Advisory Council.

in the Margaret Hodge MP says the taxman, he must be, and it is a pity that those who sell or use of the concept of evasion from payment of taxes, a management of public anger at those who are trying to housing taxable income from the state.

The report, published today, Khodja the territory of the hotel the audit Committee draws Parallels with the choice of a negative reaction to the unusual mechanisms of taxation in the network of Starbucks coffee shop offers the weight of public opinion should be, it is the power of the tax avoided pay your bill in full.

Although HMRC does not publish details of the schemes of evasion from payment of taxes, which do not work, now he is not the names of the companies that produced them.

select Committee report also noted that while the promoters of such systems are obliged to explain to you in HMRC in accordance with the law of only 11 companies were punished for non-compliance in the past nine years, the average fine, only 5,000 pounds sterling.

a game of cat-and-mouse and HMRC loses, Hodge.

In response to HMRC spokesman said: We are pleased to report on the practice of promoters, who sell the idea of evasion from payment of taxes for the rich people. Only in the past year, the courts have a solution in HMRC in favor of tax evasion in a few cases, in which more than 1 billion pounds has been protected.

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The Antimonopoly body of the decision on the audit work this week

19 February, 06:53

In the Four Largest accounting firms to learn this week, if the UK competition Commission shall shake up the industry, produce fewer candidates better shot at winning the audit work.

KPMG, PwC, Ernst & Young and Deloitte & Touche, which together audit-all, except for a few of the largest British companies, informed the Commission that the industry is already competitive by companies, rather the ability to change the auditor.

In the house of lords held in 2011, the average company has one and the same auditor for 48 years.

" What we hope is a set of interrelated reforms, which will help equal conditions, more and more companies, which chance to prove themselves, said David Herbinet, partner of the company are Mazars.

the Commission, which began its probe in 2011, and has already twice postponed shall inform about their findings on the audit services market for FTSE 350 companies, said that he hoped to open their recommendations this week.

the results will be thoroughly checked politicians in Europe, which were developed draft laws, the energy companies to turn the auditor every six years.

In the UK financial reporting Council the company now wants her to the contract on carrying out of audit, in the tender times in ten years.

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New lists outperform the FTSE during the last two years

05 February, 05:26

NEW participants of the market surpassed the FTSE-100-heroes in the past two years, according to yesterday.

the price of the shares of 10 companies, the main market with an initial public offering (IPO) between the 2011-12 stood at 19.2% and at the end of January 2013, Deloitte, said that while the market as a whole grew by only 8.8 percent over the same period.

This marks a turning point in the history seen in 2010, in the financial giant said that if a 12 of the company, observance of the market of 41.4% worse than in the FTSE 100 index as a whole.

" Deloitte", the trading head John Hammond said that a small number of IPO horror stories do not have to manage investors list of companies publicly for the first time.

This is an erroneous opinion that the IPO is bad investments and that it is better to keep their money in the already listed shares, said Hammond. in 2010 the results of the immortalized this point of view. Our analysis shows that the picture changes, as the recent IPO conducted 11 percent better than the FTSE.

this data comes at a bad time for the London IPO market, he saw only the four main shares on the market in the past year - the lowest level since 2009.

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