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Bankya is a crisis of power moves closer to the dilution of shareholders

15 February, 06:06

action in Spain creditors Bankya fell yesterday on fears that the recapitalization plan for the group, practically destroy investors.

nationalized institutions are applied for European rescue the amount of 18 billion euros. (pounds 15.48bn), so that the shareholders, fearing the worst.

the Spanish newspaper reported that the Fund for Orderly Bank restructuring (FROB) the value of the shares of 0.01 Euro sent shares falls.

But FROB gave no estimates and not just a warning that the solution will play a part in the recapitalization.

" basically, the negative and the end of 2012 projected results indicate the price at which FROB (Bankya) will be a significant reduction of the nominal value of the shares to cover the losses, FROB", - he said.

shares of the Bank are opened below 22.65% to a record low, but rose touch later, at the end of the day by 1.7 percent.

the group was created through the merger of the regional lenders, but with great difficulty, through the decline in housing construction.

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Income 28pc in Carlisle

22 February, 07:26

WE ASSET manager, the Carlyle Group yesterday pinned by 28 per cent, a decline in fourth-quarter sales at the exit from the investment, as he relied on dividends, to make Money for shareholders.

Carlisle said economic net income, a measure of profitability, including mark-to-market value of its assets, came in at $182m (pounds 119.2m).

But the company has moved on 14bn in 2012, compared with $6.6bn in the past year, and thus the total amount of assets under management to $170.2bn.

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Gulliver recognizes HSBC was too large for the police

07 February, 05:57

HSBC, was forced, in its major renovation in almost 150 years ago, because the Bank has a complex structure, which made it attractive to criminals, its chief Executive said yesterday.

" Our structure was not fit for purpose for the modern world, Stuart Gulliver, " said the parliamentary Commission for banking standards. Our geographical footprint became very attractive for transnational criminal organizations, if they are terrorist origin or criminal origin.

HSBC in December was slapped with a $1.9 billion. (pounds 1.2 billion us dollars) fine, the largest ever imposed on the Bank, after the US investigation into the Mexican and AMERICAN companies.

the probe has a sharp criticism of HSBC on combating money laundering system, and found him, lax control allows you to two of the drug cartels, in order to move $881m through a Bank.

We felt our reputation in Mexico events, Gulliver said. The behaviour of the things that is happening in Mexico is quite shocking to us.

After the reception of the Bank helmet in the beginning of 2011, Gulliver, it took much control from the hands of the country Manager.

It is a major organizational changes in the company since 1865, and we made it to cope with the problems, " he added.

Some high-ranking people were removed from the Banks values violationsduring the last two years, but Gulliver said that the prize in the proposal, as well as punishment.

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