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Asda, expand George abroad, in great Britain sale slowly

22 February, 06:23

ASDA-for the expansion of their rapidly growing brand clothes George in Europe, in the United Kingdom is the second largest supermarket yesterday showed, as it is reported, the slowdown in the fourth quarter sales.

Walmart-in the ownership of the group, said that it brings the brand on the British website in the section

24 countries in September, after George used the “record of the year”.

He also plans to open new stores abroad, after the creation of the first franchising in Abu Dhabi last year.

the message had come, as Asda, the publication by 0.1%in like-for-like sales in the 14 weeks to 5. January, less than one percent in the past year.

the Full year like-for-like sales grew by one percent.

financial boss Richard Mayfield defended slowdown, said Asda consciously decided to keep the prices down to help squeezed buyers and volumes are growing.

you have the pounds 100m in lower prices for the main products, such as milk, which in the past six months.

Comment Konin fiasco, chief Executive Andy Clarke said that he was “shocked” after traces of horses DNA was in Asda sauce Bolognese and promised soon “not one stone upon stone” in solving the issues, which in your supply chain.

Clark said that the scandal was “negligible impact” on sale, and that the demand for vegetarian, ready-made meals, increases. He added that its too early to say how much testing is. Tesco said that the horse DNA may be worth it, at least pounds 1m.

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T Vintiner & Co

Belt-tightening clients hit of sales Vodafone

08 February, 05:22

IMMERSION sale in southern Europe, took off with Vodafone, sales fell in the last three months of the year 2012, as cautious consumers reduce their phone bills.

the company saw revenue fall by two percent a year, in pounds 11.4bn, as weakness in Spain and Italy, pulled out of the services, income is the amount that consumers pay on your mobile phone bill by 17 per cent, in the South of Europe.

the image in the UK and Germany, which are traditionally stable markets for Vodafone, also deteriorates, sale of services, falling 4.5 and 5.9%, respectively.

Despite the fact that Vodafone, the customer base has increased slightly, in the UK to 19.5m, revenues decreased 1.2 billion pounds. The company is accused in the fall to the aggressive competition leads to lower prices, and squeezed wages, i.e., people were more than cautious, occurs in several minutes and texts, in their contracts.

people dont cut just use reduce costs,” chief Executive Vittorio Colao said. He said that he hopes to encourage people to for Vodafone new Red contracts, which are more expensive, but also to offer an unlimited number of texts and minutes, as a way to decrease the kit costs.

Colao dismissed suggestions that his opponent EE first start in the UK 4G network a significant impact speaking, it is expected that only a small number of “technology freaks” up to the service.

EE yesterday said that it will be a broadening of the coverage of 4G to 55 per cent of the population. June.

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The watchdog will probe the accounts for the autonomy

12 February, 05:42

ACCOUNTING watchdog opened a probe into former FTSE 100 software company Autonomy, invoices for many years, until his controversial takeover by Hewlett-Packard company.

the Board On the financial statements, said yesterday, youd have to autonomy, accountability between the

1. Since January 2009 up to 30.Juni 2011 shortly to $11.1bn (7 pounds billion) offer from HP is not known.

HP accused in the company for $8.8bn depreciation, argued that the autonomy of control put the companys value.

In the U.S. technology giant said in December that the Ministry of justice of the USA and the Serious fraud office had its consideration of the requirements of the accounting impropriety.

Mike Lynch, founder and former chief Executive autonomy, vigorously denied HP claims.

the representative of the autonomy of the former leadership of the yesterday met on the investigation, stating that this is the first in the history of independent third party control HP approval.

“As a member of the FTSE-100 accounts autonomy, which had previously been tested for cancer... and no action or changes were recommended by or E-Mail.

“We are sure that in the financial statements of the company and look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate it on the FRC.”

In the Central Federal district cant tell you how, in their opinion, autonomy, or the auditors " Deloitte", or something, and more. He opened the probe after consultation with the professional body of the ICAEW, and has the right to impose fines and the prohibition of the decision-makers, as Directors.

" Deloitte", said yesterday that he will fully cooperate with the investigation, to repeat, that they “did not know, did not take into account noise and distortion in the autonomy, financial reporting”.

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