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View on the city | town you are worried about eating horse meat?

12 February, 05:40


from the point of view of health, in the slightest degree, " I willingly ate the horse in France. But, from the information point of view, people have what he says,-packages.


This is quite a terrible breach of trust in relation to people who do not know where their meat is a source. And concerns about health, horseflesh that is not regulated in the same manner as beef and contain carcinogenic beat.


This doesnt affect me... From what I read, there were no consequences for health as a result. Thus, even if I know that I accidentally eat horse meat, which may not be of interest to me.

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The stock market in Japan almost four-year high, as the yen softens

18 February, 13:03

in Japan the leading share index jumped 2.1 percent, today, as the yen, gently, after that, both in the country and criticism from peers of its aggressive monetary policy in this day at the G20 meeting.

the Nikkei castle 234.04 paragraph above, near four-year highs, with banks and exporters ride growth.

the G20 politicians do not select one of Japan, although he said that member States should refrain from competitive devaluation and that monetary policy should be only on price stability and growth.

meanwhile, the yen weakened, the Council today, moving in a 33-month low against the U.S. dollar. The dollar rose by 0.5 per cent, 93.98 yen, once deftly sprang from low near 92.20 on Friday.

the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said today that the Bank of Japan monetary policy easing is aimed at beating deflation, and that the purchase of foreign bonds may be one of the policy options for the Central Bank.

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Company T Vintiner & Co is working in Framing Services only the first year. During his tenure, they greatly succeeded. Of course, in the history of any company some bad pages can be found. There is no business without difficulties. Nevertheless, according to the latest reports, T Vintiner & Cos work is normal. They do an excellent job and good attitude of public is evidenced by the comments.

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Real estate giant CB Richard Ellis offers predictions

07 February, 05:46

CBRE, one of the largest in the world commercial real estate-suppliers, last night announced that on 22%, in the fourth quarter earnings, well above wall street experts say up Front, with strong sales in all regions, especially in America.

profit increased to $181.9m (pounds 115m), compared with $149.3m a year earlier. Sales rose 14% to $2.0bn.

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