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Credit Suisse attempts to reduce costs

07 February, 12:59

Credit Suisse increases the goal, in the fourth quarter came out below expectations.

Zurich-Bank, said that today in the morning he was to increase their purpose CHF4.4bn (pounds 3.09bn) until the end of 2015, from its former purpose CHF4bn.

in Fourth-quarter net profit came in lower than expected, CHF 397m.

the manual came to the 38% decrease in profit before tax in the investment Bank, with a low level of business activity in both fixed income and equities hand.

Credit Suisse also CHF304m costs for their own fault.

" we are Going to 2013 income is still not in accordance with good starts, we in previous years, with a yield other benefits from the strategic measures that we have undertaken in 2012, including our strengthen capital positions and our significantly reduce the risks and costs of the Microsoft", CEO Brady Dougan, said today in the morning.

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The British use I dip

07 February, 06:03

independence buzzed by a slow recovery of the world economy, from the influx of middle-aged men, which, according to yesterday.

starting with 2008, 367,000 more residents of the UK steel independence, the national Bureau of statistics (ONS) said, as a result of which the total 4.2 million. An all-time record.

the average age of the 4.2 million cohort, 47, The report showed, while 70% of them are men. Taxi-drivers, builders, carpenters, and the peasants of the four major trading quotes yesterday digits.

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Mobile charm increased Wolfson

07 February, 05:27

EDINBURGH microchip electric kettle Wolfson Microelectronics reported 52% jump in revenues after the yesterdays growth of sales of smart phones such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

the company, which makes chips for voice processing input and output of audio on phones and other electronic devices, said that sales increased by $56.1m (pounds 35.8m) in the final quarter of last year. By 2012, in General, he saw a 15% increase in sales and 60% growth of revenues in connection with smartphones and tablets.

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