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The unicorn, it is worth to investors, the Apple of voting

22 February, 07:32

BILLIONAIRE investor David yesterday asked the comrades Apple shareholders to vote against the iPhone manufacturers request to change your business practices.

unicorn in Greenlight Capital, a hedge Fund that owns about $600 million (pounds 394m) in the shares of Apple, proposals, which could see billions of dollars to the shareholders of return.

the unicorn said that, in spite of the history of the company, innovative products, relate to the management of their funds were tight-innovation.

Greenlight Capital wants, the company has the right, a new class of preferred shares of Apple, which he christened iPrefs, that would be distributed to the investors and again regular, fixed dividends.

Apple stated that it considers the unicorn proposals. Nevertheless, the Council, the proposal for your upcoming annual meeting would prevent the issuance of preferred shares type of shares, on a unicorn.

Greenlight Capital enterprises are also in court, arguing that these proposals will be against US, corporate law. On Tuesday, the judge, the court said the unicorn, is likely to win.

the unicorn said that his proposals, the return value for investors, leaving Apple funds for the purchase of, and he is not a threat to their business. Apple shares fell by a third from the moment of their summer highs.

[the proposal], dont mess with the fact that the business plan of the company Apple, we want, that people is the basis of the new design and product design, we cant imagine life without, the unicorn said, asked shareholders to send [Apple] clear signal. Apple had no comment.

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Amec weighs on the FTSE

14 February, 14:37

In the FTSE 100 is down this morning, as the oil-engineer Amec has weighed heavily on the index.

shares-engineer lost more than 5.5% in early trading, despite the news at 11 percent hike in annual profits today in the morning, turning it into a Deposit of 20% increase in the dividend.

"At one time, in one of the companies peers, Saipem, published several brutal profit warning, this statement should be, offer investors a significant level of trust, "analysts in the capital said this morning.

the source of the power company Rolls-Royce fell more than one percent in early trading. Today in the morning, preferably, calm results, profit before tax for the full year, is on 24% more.

the Telecom giant Vodafone was one percent, as hard as it was believed, discussing the proposal for the German operator of cable, wire, Germany.

a mixed group of companies in the leading index again this morning, and with investments Aberdeen Asset Management growth of 1.9%. This morning it announced that it has signed the agreement on purchase of Artio Global investors for $175 million euros (pounds 112m).

Other risers, included a group of consumers Reckitt Benckiser"by 1.7%and the miner BHP Billiton, growth by 1.4%.

UK shares of the Bank, as a rule, the bad, shows that in the morning. HSBC was up 0.1% in early trading, Barclays fell 0.72%, RBS was flat on yesterdays closing Lloyds Banking Group has decreased on 1,44%.

In Asia, the Nikkei castle by 0.5%, while in the us the Dow Jones closed at 0.26%.

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Self-propelled scissor lifts, to record sales

31 January, 06:12

FACEBOOK turnover reached new heights in the end of last year, as the social network has earned on more and more people use it for smartphones.

income during the last three months of the year 2012 reached $1.59bn (1 billion pounds), up 26 percent compared with the previous quarter, and by 40% year-on-year, the company said yesterday.

today also reported that for the first time more people have access to its services on mobile phones, than on the PC. As more and more people buy, associated with the Internet, smart phones, they are increasingly accessing Facebook on the road, and in the social network tries to convince investors that it may not grow as more and more people use it on devices with small screens, where more difficult to advertise.

Yesterday, but he said mobile accounts for 23% of all the revenues from advertising.

Today there are no arguments - Facebook-mobile company, CEO mark Zuckerberg said. We have started the year with no advertising on the phone, and we were about 23 percent. Its pretty amazing.

Despite the gains, jump, net profit fell to $302m year at $64m from the share-based compensation in connection with last years IPO. Zuckerberg also warned that profit will be less, in 2013, as it invests in new products and services.

Facebook fell after closing of the trades on Wednesday, yesterday, worth about $30. Though the shares of the company is improving, since the September lows, you still have ways to $38 per share, evaluate Facebook to 100 billion dollars, when he floated in may of the last year.

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