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Horse meat-scandal, also applies to Tesco value of spaghetti Bolognese

12 February, 05:41

TESCO was the last night, forced to admit that some of his Daily Value of spaghetti Bolognese, contain 60% of a horse, when the scandal for the labelling of meat spreading further.

on Wednesday, the Secretary Owen Paterson told the house of Commons that he ordered all the meat producers and retailers to start regular testing of all the products from beef, and the results, published every three months.

the first test of the products currently on the shelves will be completed this week, with the findings, available on Friday.

meanwhile, the Romanian Prime Minister angrily refused to qualify for horse meat out of the slaughterhouse in his country, as a pan-European study, apparently, was continued. Tesco-technical Director Tim Smith said, the affected Bolognese, can only be Irish beef, was in turnover last week in connection with the concern about the products supplied by the French manufacturer Comigel. Downing street yesterday the stock of health was not a risk to the population and care for the trader-practice and labelling.

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Crest Nicholson flotation receives the following companies

06 February, 05:29

financial consultant for the housebuilder Crest Nicholson managed to sufficient demand for the forthcoming IPO in the week ahead of schedule.

the demand on the proposal was reached, despite the nervousness in the financial markets on Monday, and, despite the paucity of new topics in the London markets in the last few years.

a source close to the deal is the first major IPO of the year in London, said yesterday that the book was all for the lower end of the 195p-230p price category.

With a week to go until the price has not been completed, and a group of his advisers Barclays, Lazard, HSBC and Numis, I hope push prices to the middle of the range.

housebuilder, which was taken private in the Scottish entrepreneur Tom Hunter and HBoS in 2007, the market capitalization of between pounds 487m to 578m after the IPO, which include the sales of new and existing shares.

the cross hopes pounds 56m the sale of new shares, while existing shareholders, including Deutsche Bank and Varde partners, to sell as much as 175 million shares. Deutsche Bank and vardu will be a healthy income from their investments.

in the Past month, a 50-year-old company, once again you to the stock market to position itself in the context of the recovery of the sector five years after the coming in the mortgage market.

the group and its chief Executive Steven stone, were holding back-to-back organizational sessions in the UK and the us in the last days, and their diaries, refusal filled prior to the closing date Tuesday.

the question is, saw Theo other candidates.

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Production in the construction sector edge-to-0.9 percent in the fourth quarter of

08 February, 17:50

UK manufacturing construction increased more than first thought in the last three months of the year, pointing to a slight improvement of overall economic output, data for today.

the Official data of the national Bureau of statistics shows that the construction sector, which is about seven per cent of the economy - increased by 0.9% in the fourth quarter, compared with 0.3%in the preliminary forecasts.

a Big drops in production of construction has been an important factor, UK recession at the end of 2011 and the first half of 2012, and the country stood on the decline over the last three months of the year 2012, the fears of renewed recession.

however, production in the construction sector in the fourth quarter grew by 9.3% year-on-year, continuing the trend of the annual falls operation in 2011.

the UK economy emerged from recession in the third quarter of 2012, partly because of the Olympic games in London, but slipped and again in the fight in the fourth quarter due to the continued fall in oil and gas production, and, in the end, the Olympic momentum.

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