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Apple develops intelligent clock

11 February, 07:30

Apple of development of intellectual see what will be a run for their iOS platform, according to various data, in the weekend. A blog about the New York Times said that Apple is working on a prototype of a curved glass clock, and though some of the details are, what kind of smartphone features of the clock may include, a former member of Bruce Tognazzini said he could communicate with other devices using bluetooth. Apple does not comment on the reports.

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Romanian companies qualify for 100 per cent of the horse lasagna

11 February, 07:27

the NORDIC arm of the frozen food giant Findus informed yesterday, that the appeal to the court of one of its suppliers, after one of his beef lasagnes contains 100% of horse meat, the expansion of the wave of claims to the growing scandal.

on Wednesday, the Secretary Owen Paterson said that the replacement of horse meat, beef was or incompetence, or in an international conspiracy and warned other cases incorrect tags can be expected.

But he denied that a ban on all meat imports from the continent, it would be necessary to say that such a step if is not allowed in accordance with the rules of the single European market.

meanwhile, the food standards Agency ordered the manufacturers to conduct emergency DNA tests for all processed foods, beef, with the first results, which should come on Friday. In the organization of the last times were checks for horse meat in 2003.

Findus forced to bring their frozen beef lasagna production to sales, after last weeks revelations about its origins. The dishes were made Comigel in Luxembourg with the meat from the French company Spanghero. Spanghero use a network of agents in Cyprus and in the Netherlands on a source of raw meat from the slaughter house in Romania. All interested parties are now considering legal action.

Leading French supermarkets captured all the Findus and Comigel and production to sale, although there is no evidence that other products lines affected.

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Standard Chartered increases the FTSE

19 February, 14:32

leading stock index rose in early trading with the British Bank Standard Chartered-leading the herd, as it was upgraded by analysts at Morgan Stanley.

the Bank not only financial company on the rise in the FTSE 100, today in the morning. The investment Manager of Aberdeen Asset Management increased by 1.34% in early trading, and the insurer RSA was up 1.1 percent.

optimism-this is not a buoy shares of the Bank, though. In early trading HSBC fell 0.54%of the RBS rose by 0.71%, Barclays rose by 0.62 percent and Lloyds Banking Group fell by 1,47%.

holiday company Tui Travel is by 1.6 per cent this morning, while the chemicals company Johnson Matthey, that on 1,3 percent.

in The broad index of the natural resources of the shares was a good turnout. Finnish Shakhtar Talvivaara jumped to 9.4 per cent and coal producers Drax gathered 4.2 per cent, in spite of this, the statements of the decrease of the annual profits today in the morning.

industrial services company Brammer was to 3.5 per cent, as he appeared about 12% of the growth of an annual turnover.

On the other end of the spectrum, in a grave telecommunications company Vodafone fell by almost 2.6 percent in early trading, as it was downgraded to underperform Yantar.

hotel InterContinental Hotels Group fell by 1.7%, while the report on the water, to keep the annual results of the morning. He said that profit rose by 11% in the year, because of the strong growth in the United States, the company and expansion in developing countries.

" blue chips " -developer of Hammerson fell 1.21%, while outside of the FTSE 100, the construction and rehabilitation of Morgan Sindall has lost almost nine percent. Today in the morning he said that full-year profit fell by 15 per cent, and the reduction of state violates its construction and infrastructure companies.

In Asia, the Nikkei closed at 0.31%, while in the United States-the Dow Jones closed at 0.06 per cent.

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