New records

The British use I dip

07 February, 06:03

independence buzzed by a slow recovery of the world economy, from the influx of middle-aged men, which, according to yesterday.

starting with 2008, 367,000 more residents of the UK steel independence, the national Bureau of statistics (ONS) said, as a result of which the total 4.2 million. An all-time record.

the average age of the 4.2 million cohort, 47, The report showed, while 70% of them are men. Taxi-drivers, builders, carpenters, and the peasants of the four major trading quotes yesterday digits.

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Barclays financial Director announces his departure

04 February, 08:42

BARCLAYS Finance Director Chris Lucas, to announce his resignation today, the Bank opens to continue, everything is clear-top-managers, as of the Libor-interest rate manipulation scandal in the summer of the last year.

general-the attorney mark Harding also leaving the Bank.

To resign after only a few days after that, as they went authorities are investigating in 2008, the collection of funds in Qatar, but sources close of the Bank, insist that resigns, not connected with the probe.

And on Friday the head of the Antony Jenkins said that he cant, then you get a bonus in the year 2012, as penance for the Banks PPI, Libor interest rate swaps crises of the past years.

Lucas was on Board, from 2007, when Harding served as General counsel of the 10 years ago.

search has already begun the new financial Director and Lucas remains in office until a successor is found, which can take up to one year.

He received almost 4 pounds m in 2010 and in 2011 in salary, bonuses and long-term incentives, although he did not expect, that it is of great importance for retirement.

" Chris and mark gave great achievements in Barclays, said Jenkins. Chairman of the Board of Directors and all of my Executive Committee of the colleagues, and I will be very sorry to part with them.

before the departure of the two leaders means that Jenkins can start to the new site of the team.

after a few days, hes going to learn the details of the new five to ten year strategy for the Bank, focus on the Barclays go-to Bank for private customers.

Lucas, who suffers from poor health, joined the Bank from PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

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The Best Brokers

11 February, 06:20


Morgan Stanley rates travel group overweight and increased its price target from 60p, to 100P after last weeks update. The broker has the most confidence in the fact, that the company may be based on better than expected, reducing costs and some signs of growth in the countries of Scandinavia and German markets. The success of the enemy Tui Travel also points to the possibility, Thomas Cook, Morgan Stanley created.


Canaccord Genuity price of the insurer buy and raised their target audience 205p to 225p in the light of high results in last Thursday. Broker calculates Beasley better than their peers this year, thanks to its large US business and marine franchise, which allow to avoid the loss of Costa Concordia", falls and hurricane-sandy harm.


Investec led to the reduction of tobacco company with a buy to hold, leaving him the purpose of pounds 25.80 pounds 24.50. With the Imperial already had some of the best Golf courses in the industry, brokers skeptical, your spending plan. Investec decided to reduce his rating after a weak first quarter update, it was a bit better than last year bleak figures.

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