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Miles: Print pounds 175bn more

22 February, 07:34

the BANK of England policymaker David miles yesterday called again, at least pounds 175bn of quantitative easing (QE), what is the best way to help the development of the economy.

miles believes that there is a large gap in the UK, at the present time, which can be reduced by printing more money, the increased demand and encouraging firms to invest more, increase in capacity in the long term.

Mr. Mervyn king and Paul Fisher joined miles to vote for the other 25 billion pounds. QE this month, his change of the recent single demand for more relief.

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Deputies of the" the lack of confidence threatens banks

04 February, 08:26

from all branches of the deputies of the trust banking, at least, according to the new Edelman survey. The balance of 61% of the distrust of the banking and financial industry. This lack of confidence means that the banks will be difficult, your problems have heard, and, thus, to the revolutionary changes in the UK banks, Edelman warned, adding to its already the weight of the regulatory burden on enterprises. The work of the deputies, the less confidence in the banks.

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Eurotunnel Ferry transaction takes place in the contest of the wind,

20 February, 05:36

the Chairman of the competitive Commission, yesterday expressed concern that the Eurotunnel acquisition of a non-existent SeaFrance, ferries could go fares for passengers.

Eurotunnel bought three SeaFrance four boats 60m (lb 52 million.) in the past year with the aim to start their own English channel ferry services. Office of Fair Trading, was in the CHM.

the tender Commission said that the Eurotunnel decided to buy and SeaFrance-ferries in order to prevent that the enemy ferry operator to buy them, move, could lead to lower prices.

if you Consider that the company already has a market share of more than 40%, we are concerned that they are losing customers, can Eurotunnel increase its share even further, and the ability to raise the price of the tunnel-services, said CC Deputy Chairman, Alasdair Smith.

" Eurotunnel", which is now being held 16-ferries depart ferries in the day, said he would appeal against the conclusion, said in a statement that its new brand MyFerryLink would increase competition and bring more choice for customers.

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