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The farmer buys planet rock

07 February, 05:30

the GERMAN media giant peasants, whose Kingdom includes British radio station Kiss and magic, which bought the loss-making digital radio station Planet Rock, approximately pounds 1m-pounds 2m.

“Our brands, together with the music industry to see a real Renaissance of the guitar, on the basis of the music, which makes the purchase of an interesting and timely addition to our portfolio,” the farmer in the UK chief Executive Paul said Keenan.

At the station, which was earlier owned by Planet Rock Chairman Paul Bluemel, about 900 000 people in the week of the listeners.

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BlackRock bond head, raises the role of

15 February, 06:16

BLACKROCK, the worlds largest money Manager, said yesterday Peter Fischer was the descent into the head of fixed Income at the new York company.

Fischer is senior Director at BlackRock Investment Institute, which produces research for investors.

BlackRock chief Executive Laurence Fink said Fischer, 56, has completed the long turn, to improve the performance of the firm huge bond Department.

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The investor of the body is the support of Bumi forward of the Council of battle

12 February, 04:52

in a state of SIEGE be Bumi already got support of shareholders, the Board, Glass Lewis, in anticipation of its boardroom showdown next week with the company co-founder of Nat Rothschild.

WE proxy of shareholders, a consulting firm supports Bumi Board

the proposal and recommended that the shareholders vote against all but three of the co-founder of Nat Rothschild proposals to the General meeting


But influential body supported Rothschild at a distance of three members of the Board of Directors - Dmitry Rathod, Lord Renwick and Sony Harsono.

in the Last month, the Rothschild demanded the meeting on major repairs of the Council on disposal 12 of the 14 members, and replace it with the leaders of your choice, including yourself. He suggested, Australia Wal king, as the new Bumi Chairman and Brock Gill, as the head of the Executive power.

His proposal that receives support from a number of major shareholders, including Schroders and dove Hodson Stonex.

Bumi of the Board, instead of to be a strong move to divorce with shareholder Bakries and Indonesian Bumi Resources.

Separately, Liberum Capital yesterday supported the Council in the note and added that the company“, there must be a clear separation from Bumi resources and reduce financial leverage, both of which can be achieved with the proposal”.

Liberum admitted that Rothschild “gathered loud, Chairman and chief Executive”, but his proposal was not to be broken relationship agreement dispute and “there is no specific strategy in respect of the sale of Bumi" Bumi Resources-shares”.

realtor added that the current share price of Shakhtar - he was yesterday in 385p - “in a high probability of success of the Council of the sentence” in the next week.

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