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IFS is pushing for a new taxation policy.

21 February, 07:30

the CHANCELLOR, you need a special tax purposes, on which to test the tax policy, a prominent think tank said yesterday.

This step should be as part of the new opportunities, tax policy, Institute for financial studies (IFS) argues, with a person, more attention to their policies. Reform is necessary, because the current system is too inefficient, complicated and unfair, and the costs of the room in billion pounds for the reduction of volumes of production and wealth, IFS, " he said.

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Banks are afraid of the rules of the EU offers companies hedging

21 February, 07:51

FOREIGN banks in a great competitive position, if you are trying to sell products hedging in the EU, of the company, the Bank, the group and warned, if the Damage incoming rules is not quickly corrected.

Under the CRD4 policies, plans, banks are required to hold additional capital, from the point of view of the derivative, in order to cover the risk that they may lose value in the future.

the EU in the negotiations, recognize that makes a hedge of the companys production, which bought from banks to protect themselves against the risks, as the exchange rate moves or interest rate increases are much more expensive, and so exempt from operations between the EU banks and companies of the EU, which one of the rules.

But they cant be released, which are not members of the EU-banks, credit provision for impairment (CVA) to load, which may push up prices for the customers and damage to the economy.

CVA Board in these cases would constitute a criminal expenditure on this man, and could stifle the growth of the real economy, said Christine Brentani of the Association of financial markets in Europe (AFME).

share this shall apply to all non-organizations, and not only those which are accepted in the EU.

the European parliamentarians and leaders discuss the proposal, which is already behind schedule.

the most high profile of the line so far broken for banks-bonuses, French and other policies, by clicking on the cover of the variables payments at the same level, that wages are the changes that are likely to come, as soon as Britain now publicly with the move and banks do not feel able to defend yourself.

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Citi on axis 50 EMEA-bankers

14 February, 05:43

Citigroup began to axe 50 investment banker in Europe, the middle East and Africa (EMEA), the division for programme cutting 11000 jobs meets in the heart of the investment Bank. Citi announced the global reductions, is about four percent of the employees of the Bank, in December, in the framework of the efforts for the elimination of $1.1 billion in annual costs in 2014.

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