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Osborne hit pounds 1.2 billion shortfall from 4G auction

21 February, 07:49

the TREASURY, the Bank will be much less than expected, with the auction of 4G spectrum, with the trades, so that the black hole is more than pounds in 1 billion dollars. George Osborne Account.

after a couple of weeks secret tender, UK the four mobile operators, together with BT, an pounds 2.34bn ether, to the next generation of mobile services is much less than 3.5 kg billion. Osborne had already put them on.

However, at the end of the auction does not mean that after many years of disputes and legal threats communication between the regulator Ofcom, and the operators, the UK, width 4G-the lighting in the coming months, so that the mobile Internet at a speed of about five times faster than the current 3G levels.

in Some less unforeseen auction at lower-than-expected auction of EE of the UKs largest mobile network. Ofcom has the EE-gap for the use of its 2G ether for 4G use of the last year, is ahead of the competitors.

EE took the smaller the number the higher value of the 800 MHz spectrum, which allows the coating on large distances and in the room, as two of its major competitors, O2 and Vodafone. It also meant that in great Britain, the smallest operator, Three, went with 800-MHz live for the auction reserve price.

O2 and Vodafone will launch 4G network in late spring, with Three are going to later in the year.

a lower-quality 2.6 GHz is used to speed in urban centres. BT will use the spectrum to extend their wireless broadband access and suggestions.

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Homeserve on the trail, as the FSA probe further

07 February, 05:26

HOMESERVE, FTSE 250, goods for home repairs, and insurance companies, said yesterday that full year pre-tax profit, probably, will be in line with expectations, as it continues down its UK business the following statements about the mis-selling.

the group noted, the United Kingdom, the number of clients, offers 2.25m for the full financial year ended 31. March - in the lower part of the 2.2-2.4 goals. Nevertheless, the company announced that its customer retention rate increased slightly from 78%, reported in the first half of the year.

In the company, which scares investors in the past year, in the knowledge of his investigation by the FSA over allegations of potential offensive sale, said that the investigation continues and will last forseveral months.

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Sports Direct profits to continue the winning streak

22 February, 06:21

SPORTS DIRECT has shrugged off any signs of sorrow, on the high street, after the release of 23%, in the third quarter of profit from yesterday.

the sport and retail trade, controlled by Newcastle United FC", owner Mike Ashley, " said the turnover of the group for the 13 weeks to 27. In January has grown on 21% up to pounds 589.5m, due to strong growth in its stores, where sales grew by 21% to pounds 495.8m.

This includes proceeds from 20 JJB stores it bought last year, after his opponent rushed into the office.

the group owns Lilywhites, as well as Dunlop and see trademarks, the benefits of the death of his competitors, the growing presence on the Internet, and highly motivated staff from the lucrative bonus-program.

gross profit increased by 22.7% to pounds 244.8m and chief Executive officer Dave" the force said that it was safe to your income for the full year target audience pounds of 270 meters.

, As we have already in December, a group of strong performance of the villages in the third quarter, in the first place, our sport-retail trade", including in a network the Internet after the successful integration of our new operating platform, - " forces, " the statement says.

" shares grew by 43% in comparison with the previous year and the castle by 5.7% higher, yesterday in 440p.

In September the company, she wanted to return to the super-stretch - a program bonus-reward Ashley 10 million shares, if the goals were achieved after the shareholders against such a proposal in September.

the group put a revised bonus plan for the shareholders, at its next annual General meeting of shareholders in the year.

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