New records

The company is the ex-dividend-hit FTSE 100

13 February, 14:38

from the leading share index fell this morning, ending three sessions of the rally, as it was after a number of " blue chips " goes ex-dividend.

the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has led the decline in prices, and prices fell by more than three per cent, as he is the ex-dividend. The business of software, sage and oil giant BP fell by 1,63% and 1.44%, respectively, for the same reason.

On a wide FTSE 250 miner African Barrick Gold gained more than eight percent in early trading, as he said today in the morning he came in 2012 decreased by 39%. Shakhtar are currently focused on reducing costs.

positive results of the " blue chips Tullow Oil and Reckitt Benckiser" partly offset the decline in the FTSE 100.

Tullow took upon himself the leadership of the Council in early trading to more than 4.5%, as a jump in profit before tax and income in the past year. But he added that it would write off $671m for unsuccessful drilling, although this does not stop, the price of shares for tomorrow.

Consumer giant Reckitt Benckiser", which this morning posted better-than-expected results for the year increased by nearly two per cent.

Oil services group Petrofac by 3.5%.

Outside" blue chips", Bumi more than 8,5%. Yesterday she decided, it is important that the financing of the first stage of the divorce decision, see her Indonesian side for sale.

UK Bank shares in the negative area, in the morning. HSBC fell by 0.14 per cent of RBS fell 0.76%, Barclays dropped by 0.37% and Lloyds Banking Group down 1.17%.

In Asia, the Nikkei closed down 1.04%, while in the United States-the Dow Jones castle to 0.34%.

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Super bowl advertising reached a record high prices in the age of YouTube

04 February, 08:30

ADVERTISING in this years Super Bowl record reached-the price, the price of the 30-second commercial during the event, reaching an average of $3.8 m (pounds 2.4m).

companies such as Samsung, " Budweiser" and" Coca-Cola pay TV network CBS about nine per cent more than in the previous year, the event, which was broadcast yesterday evening.

After the video of web sites and Internet-marketing, advertisement American football-season finale of steel in several times more value than a few years ago, with short video, most likely, will be played many times on the Internet, providing additional value.

appliances, food and beverages, as well as the automobile companies, the traditional major donors. Most of the American car manufacturers, advertising, while the BlackBerry spends considerable resources on the promotion of a new product line, which the company in the beginning of last week.

the Super Bowl is for US the most popular TV-event, on average, 111m spectators in the course of the last two years.

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In the Euro zone remain in recession this year

22 February, 17:15

In the Euro zone will not return to growth until next Jahrmit 17 States-members of the Alliance has decreased by 0.3%, according to the European Commission, in the winter-forecast today.

Outlook means that the Eurozone will remain in his second recession, starting from 2009, a year longer than initially thought.

the Commission forecast in the end of last year, the currency unit is 0.1 per cent this year, but now says, holidays credit conditions for businesses and households, reduction of working places and frozen investments detained a long-awaited rest.

" the continuing redistribution of the European economy is still weighed on economic growth in the short term", Olli Rehn, the Commission, the Vice-President on economy and monetary policy and the Euro, said today.

"the current situation allows himself so: we have disappointing hard data from the end of last year, still some encouraging soft data in the recent past, and the growth of investors confidence in the future. Decisive policy measures, that in the last time paves the way for a return to recovery."

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