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Barclays boss to abandon the prize

01 February, 16:47

Barclays chief Executive Anthony Jenkins, to abandon their bonuses over the last year, after"difficult" year for the Bank.

Jenkins, who was appointed chief Executive in August, said that he was aware of"a considerable amount of speculation" moreover, if he received a bonus.

"only In the past year, obviously, it was very difficult for Barclays and its stakeholders with a few questions, our own troubled Bank", - said today in a statement.

"I think it is fair that I appropriate level of responsibility for things, and I came to the conclusion that it would be wrong for me to get a bonus in 2012, taking into account these circumstances."

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Barclays evasion from payment of taxes units close

11 February, 07:09

BARCLAYS will tomorrow announce that he had to close his controversial tax evasion affiliated companies as part of a major effort to clean up their activities and its image after a series of Scandals.

Anthony Jenkins was chief Executive after BOB Diamond stood at the bottom, in connection with the Libor scandal, and tomorrow opens its plans to reform the Bank. The greater part of his alter close programs, Structured capital (SCM) - business, despite its profitability that shows how seriously the Bank about changes how it works.

- there are several components, which in the tax and services, which we have clients historically. Many of those who do not disputed the value of both the real part of the transaction, which the client - and we will continue to provide such services, Jenkins talk tomorrow. Nevertheless, there are some areas, which are located in a complex and integrated structures, in which the transactions were carried out with the primary purpose of access to tax benefits.

, Although it was legal, perform such actions are incompatible with our goal, and is not compatible with the new tax principles, which we are publishing today. We do not participate in it again.

Jenkins wants to bonuses and promotions for hanging to a much greater extent on good behavior, than you did in the past. And senior employees have to wait until the bonuses with the help of incentives to behave and to work for the good of the Bank as a whole.

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ING-name, the new Executive Director

22 February, 12:32

Dutch Bank ING this morning confirmed that Ralph Hamers succeed, John Hommen, as chief Executive officer in October.

Hamers currently the General Director of ING Belgium, and in the role, starting with 2011.

Hommen, whose term of four years on the Executive Board works after the AGM in may, led the Dutch Bank during 2009.

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