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Turner problem for the printing of money

07 February, 06:03

PRINT money, should not be taboo, the watchdog-the boss Lord Turner said last night, as this can be useful in small doses.

the Bank of England in our time is up, the money to buy gilts, with the majority of economists hold, cash money instead, can lead to hyperinflation, as in Zimbabwe or in the beginning of the 1920s in Germany.

But, the departure of the Financial Services Authority of the head of Lord Turner said that the Bank shall outside of quantitative easing (QE), gilding buy and actually printing the money.

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Retail trade in the darkness takes a toll on Radley

11 February, 06:31

Radley, exclusive leather products coffee a teapot, " she said, and turned to losses in the past year as a result of an incredibly complex high street conditions, which saw Retailers slash prices to attract buyers. The companys accounts show that the reorganization value of pounds of 1.7 pulled out of the group of pounds 737,000 loss in the year to the end of April, according to 3.1 pounds profit last year. Sales fell by 45 pounds sterling up to pounds 41.2m.

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Income jumped LCH Clearnet

15 February, 12:34

the clearing house LCH Clearnet this morning published 89%, as a whole for the year, operating profit as revenue jumped 24 percent.

In London and Paris on the basis of the information centre, on the London stock exchange (LSE) due to take the majority of the shares at the end of February, said the annual operating profit in the Euro 127.5m (pounds 109m). The turnover was in the right position" 426m in the year.

LSE would allow to reduce the price for his TRULY offer-on-quarter, in December, amid fears of new rules may force exchange for the improvement of 300 euros, additional capital in 2013.

in the framework of the new offer, the LSE will pay 366m to 60 per cent of the shares in the clearing house .

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