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Ukraine buys Robeco asset manager

20 February, 05:35

the Japanese financial company Orix Corp said yesterdayhe has agreed to buy Dutch Robeco asset manager from the owner, Rabobank, 1.935bn (pounds 1.68bn) in cash and shares of transactions with real estate. The acquisition is the largest ever for Oryx, diversified financial companies and enterprises, ranging from leasing, life insurance, real estate and corporate loans, a professional baseball team.

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St Patrick''s International College

Barclays shaking

04 February, 08:44

the New Barclays chief Executive Anthony Jenkins search new financial Director after the departure of Chris Lucas, the Bank said yesterday.

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The average price of a house in London, to the beat pounds 500,000

11 February, 06:40

the price of residential real estate in the South-Eastern part of the United Kingdom will grow in the coming years, according to the forecasts, yesterday, with the average house in the capital the elections in one and a half million pounds sterling.

Currently the average London house is worth pounds 383,000, in accordance with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), but the tight housing market will stimulate the pounds 500 000 up to 2020, I think tank says.

And this growth will be in conjunction with far environment, CEBR forecasts, the prices of houses on the South-East shooting up by 24.8%between now and 2018 compared with growth of 2.3%, in the worst case of the UK the North-East.

prices on the East ahead even faster, than in the South-East, CEBR believes, having increased by 25.7% by 2018, however, Northern Ireland, the prices will grow only six percent of the pulled down, the struggle in the market of habitation in their southern neighbors.

IN the CEBR put the capital the solid forecast down to the strong flows of skilled immigration, with a predominance of competitive services sector to the business, and in connection with the fast-growing economies. But CEBR economist, Daniel, Solomon, and warned that, although growth will be stable, it will not be before the game pre-recession expand.

" the growth of prices for real estate will depend on the London relatively good prospects for economic growth, through IT, business and professional services, said Solomon. Nevertheless, the growth of property prices in London will still be considerably slower than in the boom years before the crisis.

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