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Glencore Xstrata Database Welding Failures

12 February, 12:59

the raw material-trader Glencore and Xstrata, in the last stage of pounds 56bn mega-mergers, and this morning I wrote (a) reduction of total volume of production in basic metals, such as copper.

In the two companies combined production figures issued by Glencore this morning, show nine percent per year, decrease in production of copper in 2012, and one per cent decrease in the production of zinc in the course of the year. The production of Nickel from own lining was three per cent, and production of gold dropped by eight percent.

Glencore does not provide any information about its business, which is a decisive factor in his salary.

Separately, Xstrata, the worlds fourth-largest mining, said that production of the red metal hit 747,000 tons in 2012. This was done in accordance with forecasts, but to 16 percent, in 2011, as the company replaces the aging operations, such as Ernest Henry open way in Australia and goes to new projects and expansion.

Glencore is still waiting for official confirmation through China on its merger with Xstrata, but the transaction is expected to officially end in next month.

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Apple supplier freezes settings

21 February, 07:41

APPLE main supplier, the Chinese company Foxconn, metering, installation at its factories., that means the reduction of the demand on the iPhone.

the news sent the companys shares by 2.4%, yesterday, although studies show that the iPhone 5 and its predecessors, 4S, sold competitor Samsung Galaxy S3 in the final quarter of last year. According to the forecasts of analysts, the iPhone sells 5 27.4m units, in an area with iPhone 4S sell 17.4m S3 15.4m.

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Profit jumped on to the Rolls-Royce

14 February, 12:18

profit Before tax tax on motor, electric kettle, Rolls-Royce and jumped by almost a quarter in the previous year 1.4 billion pounds., announced today, tomorrow.

24 percent jump in full-year growth was driven by growth of civil aviation and Astronautics-units and high performance, Tognum, their naval and industrial engines-a joint venture with Daimler.

income came to eight percent higher pounds 12.2bn, while its order book, " Rolls-Royce is the worlds largest exporter - was four per cent higher pounds 60.1bn.

"For the whole of 2013, we expect the group to see a modest growth of the revenue base and good growth in the basic earnings, cash flows, in order to break-even, as we continue to invest in future growth," blue chips of the company, said today in the morning.

Separately, Rolls-Royce announced the appointment of BP Executive Ian Davis, as Chairman, to be successful, sir Simon Robertson.

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