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Huhne recognizes understand, justice and the start of the election votes

05 February, 05:27

a COALITION government threatens to split the elections, after Chris Huhne yesterday admitted perverting the truth and announced his resignation to the Parliament on the day of his trial, so it was started.

the former Lib office of the person in prison after the reception of the transmission speed penalty points, to him, his wife Vicki price-list in 2003. Procedures in the price list, has pled not guilty, on the basis of domestic violence starts today.

Huhne resignation shall denote the by-election on his Eastleigh place, the tories-Lib margin, which must be met in order to within the next three months. In Hampshire place of one of the groups, Conservatives will win, if you want to, most of the next General election.

last night UKIP head of Nigel Faraj was thinking about how to stand as a candidate in the survey.

mark Spragg Keystone law said City A.M., Huhne - look at the twelve months behind bars, and at least pounds on 150.000 after a two-year trial: If he is guilty, if the first interview in the police force, might, he just could not escape the prison, subjected to condemnation or good.

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Watchdog fears of chaotic Bank risk modelling

01 February, 05:58

BANKS set aside such different amounts of capital on the same assets that investors cannot be sure how safe, agencies and authorities, which may need to intervene to standards, top-group of regulators warned yesterday.

the Basel Committee checked the 15 largest international banks, giving them each a hypothetical portfolio of assets and start their own internal risk model against him.

the ratio of risk-weighted assets on the assets developed for trade arrived in 80% to UniCredit and 10 per cent-on-BNP Paribas, this is a huge amount of bandwidth.

part of the differences come from the internal model differences, though some of the variation consists of a number of national guidelines, as well as special rules, data of various agencies, on their local leaders.

there Are significant differences between banks, to the reporting of information about the market, the risk to compare, it is difficult to report.

the Committee suggested that regular reporting would help investors to understand, banks position, how would standardized and detailed breakdown of the model is not used.

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The leaders of the EU budget deal

08 February, 20:05

the leaders of the European Union today the agreement on the budget up to the end of the decade, after more than 24 hours of negotiations.

Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council, presided at a meeting of the 27 EU leaders. He confirmed that this was done, and said that it was worth the waitto send the message via Twitter.

the agreement, which takes possession of the EU spending on a seven-year period from 2014 to 2020, set a ceiling of Euro 960bn (pounds 811bn) for the assignment.

now He will go to the European Parliament for final approval, and the process, which can take several months.

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