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Pepsi-News, Sales Growth

15 February, 05:36

PepsiCo, reports on the higher, than the expected income from yesterday, supported by increased sales volumes and prices, and gave 2013 forecast consistent with its constant rotation Plan. American drinks and snacks Maker was held net profit in the amount of $1.66bn (pounds 1.07bn), that is by 17% on a year ago and beat wall street. Net profit decreased by one percent to $19.95bn, although organic revenue growth came at five per cent.

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Pothole Insurance Compensation Twin Room

12 February, 04:49

the number of insurance claims in pothole, corresponding with damage to the cars on UK roads, more than two times in January compared with the same month last year, according to realtors-AA-insurance. The company estimates that 1,000 UK machines have been seriously damaged due to potholes in the course of the month, and makes bad roads, which after a period of rains, floods, snow and ice.

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Crest Nicholson set to stimulate the London IPO market

12 February, 05:32

CONSULTANT for flotation housebuilder Crest Nicholson), the most high profile of the new issue in the London market this year, last night was the price range for a healthy 210p-220p, approximately in the middle of the price range. The original distance between the 195p-230p.

the group, which plans to increase between 24-29M new shares, so that the existing shareholders to discharge 90m shares, conducted extensive marketing in the last week in London, new York, as well as in Frankfurt.

At the current price range of the company will be evaluated approximately pounds of 550m.

the whole process, which is closely watched by many in the city, longing after the successful IPO in the hope that can stimulate activity in a quiet market.

Last year there was a famine in the IPO in London, with the forced sale of shares of the RBS insurance Direct Line, as only large companies in the UK company.

the book close to this proposal today, with the transfer of rights of ownership, it is expected tomorrow.

realtor Peel Hunt advises its customers to subscribe for the offer, saying that the company, is likely to enter the market with a discount to the sector, despite the provides a differentiated business model, attractive operating system profile and original expansive growth. He has a long land Bank in the industry.

it will be a relief in the Agency, that the company is not trying to price at the top of the range, if we take into account that many in the past complain too much of the Issuer to forget, the prices of new issuers"and discounts. Some of the agencies actually boycotted the IPO.

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