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In the UK services sector throws out there in the output growth

06 February, 05:33

the Largest sector in the economy of the UK again in growth in January, dismissing fears triple recession.

Markit, the purchasing managers index (PMI) for services jumped from 48.9 in December to 51.5 in the first month of the year 2013, which means that the restoration of a slight decrease in moderate improvement.

since January improvements in the sphere of production, this meant that all sectors of the composite output index also moved to nominate, from 49.9 in December, offers extreme reduction to 52.0 in January.

analysts welcomed the optimistic data, as handball, fears that the economy registered in the second quarter decline in GDP and, consequently, the third technical recession in something more than four years ago. A return to economic growth, after the publication of reduced by 0.3 percent in the last three months of the year 2012, will be a boon to the authority of the Chancellor George Osborne.

Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit said: a big sigh of relief accompanies these figures, as a return to growth in the services sector significantly reduces the UK fell again in triple-a recession.

note Colin Edwards in the center of economic and business research (CEBR) agreed with the fact that in the sphere of services, which makes about three quarters of GDP-this extension was not any evidence that the British economy, to expand again.

the ban on another dramatic turn of events, early signs indicate that in the UK will be more likely than not avoid a recession in the first quarter of the side one step Triple-recession - Edwards forecast.

But other analysts point to the fact that the values remained well below the crisis standards.

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Such-Barr deal threatens to fizzle out

14 February, 06:15

the proposed pounds 1.4 billion.-Fusion-soft drinks giant AG Barr, and was thrown into disarray yesterday, after the shares watchdog passed it on to the competition Commission (CC).

In the current context, all of the shares of the merger have, in November, have been moved to the Office of Fair Trading, said of the region, Such and Barra drinks its merger threat to competition pounds 9 billion soft drinks market.

We are in the tall grass, at least in the first nine months of Chairman Gerald Corbett, said yesterday, criticising MICROSOFT for their decision to send a merge.

MICROSOFT in its report, the decision in the coming weeks. The former comes, Executive Director Paul Moody stepped down in anticipation of the merger, which would have seen Barr chief Roger Knows reduction. Yesterday Such a case the managing Director of The GB Simon Litherland chief Executive until the problem will not be solved.

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The OECD-led indicates the more elastic the UK economy in the mid-2013

12 February, 04:42

the SIGN of the British economy assume that it will recover, to put it mildly, about the year 2013, according to the organization for Economic cooperation and development (OECD).

recent OECD composite leading indicators (CLI), the forecast of the economic conditions in the six months to December of the previous year increased again, but this time only on 0.09 points.

It follows on the heels of stronger all the injections for each of the past five months, and pushed further the CC on its long-term average in 100 100.7, with the OECD again and describes the situation as reinforcing growth.

however, the organization is not to say that the symptoms were slightly weaker compared to the previous month comparison.

But while the British GDP growth may disappear in comparison with the rapid pace of developing economies, their CLI trounced Brazil, China, India and Russia, which vary from 97.7 at 99.6. Three of the four fell more than one percent in the past year.

in contrast to the UK CLI rose to 1.55 per cent for the year, beating not only economies, but also all international of seven leading industrialized countries, but to the average of the OECD, 0.25.

Howard Archer of IHS Global Insight, said the notes pointed to the fragile rest by 0.3% hit to GDP suffered in the fourth quarter. In the United Kingdom, the growth only to intact, but he struggles to help Archer said.

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