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Bumi-Chairman of the calls in the city-the police, the alleged hackers incident

11 February, 07:25

BOTH sides in the conference hall of the judicial process, in Indonesia miner Bumi is separately filed a formal complaint to the law enforcement agencies in London, allegedly hacking is not a crime.

Bumi the billionaire Chairman of Samin tan is understood, accepted the report of the security for validation, allegedly hacking in London police, the Serious Fraud Office and Organised crime Agency.

thus, separate complaint in the past year in the Metropolitan police company of the investigation into the alleged hacking E-Mail Nat Rothschild, who are fighting to regain its share on the London stock outfit. Both sides declined to comment.

on The eve of the crisis meeting of shareholders on 21. February, to determine the fate of the company. Rothschild received a boost on Friday after relations with investors equipment confuse this beach supported his nomination Brock Gill for the Executive power, to replace the current chief Executive nick von Schirnding.

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The fed suggest QE3 can end

21 February, 07:55

the Federal reserve and the last night, indicating its current third" quantitative easing" (QE3) can come to an end earlier than planned prohibiting the sell-off on AMERICAN stock markets.

the minutes of the last fed meeting show that a growing concern in the framework of the organization for last September obligation to continue to buy $85bn assets in the month, still not there has been a marked revival in the United States of jobs on the market.

they show that the number of participants, with use of the environment the meeting expressed concern about the open nature of the recent economic stimulus program.

However, fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is, I think, continues to enjoy the support of a majority of the members of the Committee, in the short term with the fed vote of 11-1 in the past month to keep its bond purchase program of the open-ended, and in the same size.

the wall street fell by only three months, after minutes.

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Burberry in the management of shaking

07 February, 12:28

Luxury dealers Burberry this morning established the Council of the shaking, which will replace its chief financial officer and create a new chief operating officer role.

John Smith, former chief Executive of BBC worldwide, was named to the newly created chief operating officer of the post, where he will contribute to the Burberry presence in digital media and mobile technology.

new position reflects the development of the Executive team for the support, the next stage of growth,the" fashion-brand, " says the statement, this morning.

in addition, the chief financial officer of the company Stacey Cartwright resign after nine years of work. They will be replaced by Carol Fairweather, with the company for six years.

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