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Barclays boss to abandon the prize

01 February, 16:47

Barclays chief Executive Anthony Jenkins, to abandon their bonuses over the last year, after"difficult" year for the Bank.

Jenkins, who was appointed chief Executive in August, said that he was aware of"a considerable amount of speculation" moreover, if he received a bonus.

"only In the past year, obviously, it was very difficult for Barclays and its stakeholders with a few questions, our own troubled Bank", - said today in a statement.

"I think it is fair that I appropriate level of responsibility for things, and I came to the conclusion that it would be wrong for me to get a bonus in 2012, taking into account these circumstances."

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Kingfisher on the way, despite the poor Q4

21 February, 12:38

repair dealers Kingfisher this morning said it would meet its profit forecast for the whole year, despite strong fourth quarter.

the group, which runs the B&Q, said he expected, adjusted earnings before taxes, in accordance with the expectations of pounds 715m in the year.

Kingfisher, which trades with more than 1,000 stores in eight countries of Europe and Asia, said that sales at stores open more than a year fell by 3.4% in the 14 weeks to 2. February.

for comparison : in the third quarter of decline by 2.8 percent.

" we had a difficult fourth quarter, while what has been a difficult year impact of unfavorable foreign currency, in particular, poor weather conditions in the UK and the decline in trust of consumers in our key markets", the General Director of group of Ian Cheshire, said today in the morning.

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AIG, the hurricane

22 February, 07:25

- the INSURER AIG yesterday opened at $4 billion (pounds 2.6bn) in the fourth quarter net loss of value of the Superstorm sandy, but better-than-expected profit glad that investors.

the group, which last year repaid the bailout money, allocated by the government of the USA, booking a $1.3 billion euros) after-tax loss from the storm, the second largest American catastrophe ever to win AIG.

nevertheless, operating profit went to 20 cents a share, better than the minus eight cents predicted, sending shares of AIG last night.

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