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Morgan Stanley-boss double numbers

01 February, 05:58

Morgan Stanley said chief Executive officer James Gorman receive a base salary in the amount of $1.5 billion pounds 946,000) in 2013, almost in two times more than 800 000 he has received in the past year. Morgan Stanley, the sixth-largest U.S. Bank, said that the growth of bring Gorman wages in accordance with the salaries of executives at the enemy, financial institutions, and to achieve an appropriate balance between fixed and variable risk of payment.

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UK property prices will rise in January

31 January, 12:30

UK house prices have increased in January has increased the funding scheme of crediting, mortgage lender Nationwide, said today in the morning.

according to the creditor, the value of the house became more expensive by 0.5 percent in January, but the estimates were flat from year to year, avoiding a decline for the first time since February.

a typical British now the house is worth pounds 162,245.

"while activity in the real estate market kept silent, historically, there have been tentative signs of a pick up in activity in the last months," across the Country, the chief economist Robert Gardner, said today in the morning.

"financing for lending scheme has achieved some success in reducing interest rates on loans, with some signs of a pick up in the credit activity of."

the scheme, which entered into force in August, allows banks and building societies have access to more than pounds 80bn in the low-cost financing, if they are supported by, or increase the net lending of households and enterprises .

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European banks may face the rapid growth of cash buffer

12 February, 05:48

EU BANKS may need to introduce new liquidity rules a year earlier than expected, and European legislators are trying to promote proposals, showed himself yesterday.

the Controller in the last month agreed to defer the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR), his steps gradually, starting from 2015 to 2019, on the basis of the fact that the reduction in 2015 will be too sharp, and can lead to damage of lending to households and enterprises.

But the European Parliament wants to speed this up and Ireland - the President country of the EU, which currently wants to date forward, by 2018, according to the documents, looked at Bloomberg.

LCR-buffer of liquid assets, which banks hold, to make sure that they can survive in the 30-day squeeze tools.

the idea is to make sure that they are on their own resources, to the Central Bank for assistance.

But the creation of this buffer takes resources, which can be used for lending, which has a negative impact on the economy.

this means That a stable equilibrium, and with the members of the Parliament, now favor of tightening of banking supervision, despite fears to the crediting of economic growth.

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