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- The high street in the hedge-funds-the cross, the after Retail crisis

05 February, 05:33

the Manager of HEDGE funds rates of millions of pounds on the darker UK-the high street, in the year after the figures yesterday showed a sharp increase shorting some of the UKs largest retail name.

hedge funds, credits and loans are used as a proxy for the insertion of enterprises are those for high street unwavering WH Smith, electric giant Dixons retail and Department store Debenhams all jumped in January, as investors digested hot the beginning of the year on the high street, saw, HMV, Jessops and Blockbuster, all are in control.

short positions against the WH Smith - now the shortest shares FTSE - jumped 63% in the last four weeks, while the Dixons high, close to 45 per cent, and Halfords on almost 90 percent, according to the information from the data provider Markit.

the average volume of retail stocks, loans, among listed on the FTSE All Share now met 3.72% - more than three times in the FTSE average.

Additional data management on financial services of the great Britain announced last week, shows several hedge funds, including classified investor Firmly NV, and two in new York company, merchants " the gates of the capital and the size of the capital, all of this can increase your prices WH Smith in the last month, with a Tight borrowing by almost four percent of the companies, the authorized capital. Dixons Retail also pointed to the increasing short-term interest rates from Holidays and Lone Pine Capital, according to the FSA data.

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The government supports Ofgem electricity supply

21 February, 14:12

the government this morning supports the plans of the energy regulator to force suppliers to say clients low rates on offer.

the proposals were first launched Ofgem in October, the purpose of which is to make the transition easier and easier to understand.

suggestions want to suppliers for vulnerable customers and those who have not the energy supply, which with the passage of time with the information about the cheapest on the market.

- package, announced today, is a significant step towards energy-accounts, which are more equitable for all. It is about ensuring that the people before profit. It is about pensioners better able to heat your home in the winter, and the family cope better, if the accounts come, British Prime Minister David Cameron said today.

He also added that the next for utility services, it will maintain, and make sure that all buyers of electricity to put on your dealer low variable interest rate.

the proposal have been planned in the summer of this year.

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Ladbrokes betting on digital growth, and income hit pounds in 1 billion dollars.

22 February, 06:25

LADBROKES chief Executive officer Richard glinn said yesterday he puts on a pain-update for its work with digital, finally, pay this year.

sportsbooks pounds 50m online-reconstruction again and again, to relax, and saw the dismissal of digital operations head Richard Ames in July of last year.

For reconstruction, was finally live in the end of last year, and said he had that far up online sales in 2013, especially in the second half of the year. The company recently announced its Euro 30 million (pounds 26M) the acquisition of the Irish rate site Betdaq in pursuit of the construction of digital revenues.

Yesterday, Ladbrokes, showed that the annual income of over 1 billion pounds - to 7.4% from 2011. Profit before tax increased by 49% up to 201 million pounds.

Many sports bookmakers enjoy bumper 2012 due to illness, such as" Chelsea" in the Champions League victory, but also surprising defeat for the countries of the best football teams.

We expect...that the growth of digital sales and earnings, especially in the second half of the year, he had, " he said.

online bookmakers Sportingbet shareholders approved yesterday it pounds 485nm sale Ladbrokes candidate William Hill. The takeover, which was necessary for 75 per cent of consent, was waved shareholders, which 87,2% of the enterprises. The deal will now go through it, 19.

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