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Kathleen profit rise in the bottom of natural disasters claims

08 February, 12:27

the insurer Kathleen, said this morning that its annual profit grew almost five times due to the low natural disaster claims of the last year.

the insurer, which is the operator of the largest insurance syndicate at Lloyds of London, made a profit before taxes in the amount of $339mm (pounds 215.5m) 2012 compared with $71 million in 2011, when insurers are faced with a number of natural disasters.

Sincerely, sandy, which hit the East coast of the USA in the end of October, Kathleen said that it raised its estimate of losses at $225 m, compared with the previous $220 million.

He also said that after the death of a cruise ship Costa Concordia in January 2012 cost him $51, compared with the previous estimate of $35.

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Profit jumped on to the Rolls-Royce

14 February, 12:18

profit Before tax tax on motor, electric kettle, Rolls-Royce and jumped by almost a quarter in the previous year 1.4 billion pounds., announced today, tomorrow.

24 percent jump in full-year growth was driven by growth of civil aviation and Astronautics-units and high performance, Tognum, their naval and industrial engines-a joint venture with Daimler.

income came to eight percent higher pounds 12.2bn, while its order book, " Rolls-Royce is the worlds largest exporter - was four per cent higher pounds 60.1bn.

"For the whole of 2013, we expect the group to see a modest growth of the revenue base and good growth in the basic earnings, cash flows, in order to break-even, as we continue to invest in future growth," blue chips of the company, said today in the morning.

Separately, Rolls-Royce announced the appointment of BP Executive Ian Davis, as Chairman, to be successful, sir Simon Robertson.

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The inevitable reduction in America cast a shadow on the protection of expenses

22 February, 07:27

INVESTORS were, of course, is not intended BAE yesterday, as his announcement, the redemption of shares and less severe than expected, the annual number saw a bump on the value of its shares, as well as a wide index fell.

nevertheless, positive mood, may in the short-term. The elephant in the room for BAE remains the current uncertainty in the U.S. defense spending, if to consider, that in 2012 in the United States determined that 40 percent of budget revenues.

America in the battles against government spending in the way of financial rocks at the end of last year to a new, soars to 1. In March of this year, as well as the fact that, as carbon is to enter into force. This round enthusiasm reduce, including $42.7bn (pounds 27.9bn) reduction in military spending.

cmd to ignore the consequences of a possible US carbon in the outlook of their number yesterday. That he will look optimistically, if you go, as seems likely. Some analysts still at the beginning of the reduction factor in the calculation that you want on the U.S. economy. US army Ray Odierno, " he warned creates a danger of a hollow army. These are the risks hand BAE forecasts sound convincing, as well.

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