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The contest is fetching the audit firms

22 February, 07:41

the Chairman of the competitive Commission, today in the morning, discover that Four Major accounting firms have too much control over the industry, and they encourage measures for the promotion of the largest British companies to change the accountant on a regular basis in order to increase competition.

In his announcement of the long-awaited report of the Commission is expected to find any evidence of collusion, but to raise questions, PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and Ernst & Young unfair grip on the books, a major UK companies.

Many of the " blue chips " companies big four", " only the rules in place, and the Commission to propose a ban on such measures, according to Sky News.

But it is expected that there are less radical on the introduction of mandatory rotation in the movement that may violate medium-sized accounting firms trying to hack the FTSE-market-audit".

the tender Commission also for investors, more to say about the company, the selection of the auditor.

All but a handful of the FTSE 100, use one of the Four Largest in check of their accounts, and the company, so are you an expert in an average of 48 years, according to the report of the house of lords in 2011.

at least four blue-chip company, is believed to your audit contract, the tender for the year of 2012, but only two of governors of Schroders and oil explorer BG Group, decided. Both continue to " the big four",".

the tender Commission refused to last night.

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RBS: we have received from Libor fixing

12 February, 05:56

RBS is not the money out of his traders efforts for the solution of the main interbank interest rates, the investment Bank, one of the boss said yesterday that means that the Bank took pounds 390 million punishment for a misdemeanor, that it is also useful at the time.

He had come as outgoing head of John Hourican, only the senior Executive to leave for the scandal, apologised for the absence of on-site-the problem early, and his replacement-Peter Nielsen said that no one had thought of Libor can be fixed.

Nielsen said that, although traders manipulated Libor opinion in favor of their own position, which you often does harm to other professions in the Bank, and so left the net profit for RBS.

In many cases, some of the requests would have the effect that we could not say in favor of the Bank, - said the Deputy and colleagues in the parliamentary Commission for banking standards. - May be you have a trader portfolio for the account of another.

And he said Libor was never seen as potential weaknesses: the higher leadership thought it was a mathematical calculation.

Meanwhile, RBS Chairman sir Philip HAMPTON defended the chief exec Stephen Hester in the package, says Esther paid, " modestly in comparison with other people doing these jobs.

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Income 28pc in Carlisle

22 February, 07:26

WE ASSET manager, the Carlyle Group yesterday pinned by 28 per cent, a decline in fourth-quarter sales at the exit from the investment, as he relied on dividends, to make Money for shareholders.

Carlisle said economic net income, a measure of profitability, including mark-to-market value of its assets, came in at $182m (pounds 119.2m).

But the company has moved on 14bn in 2012, compared with $6.6bn in the past year, and thus the total amount of assets under management to $170.2bn.

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