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Watchdog fears of chaotic Bank risk modelling

01 February, 05:58

BANKS set aside such different amounts of capital on the same assets that investors cannot be sure how safe, agencies and authorities, which may need to intervene to standards, top-group of regulators warned yesterday.

the Basel Committee checked the 15 largest international banks, giving them each a hypothetical portfolio of assets and start their own internal risk model against him.

the ratio of risk-weighted assets on the assets developed for trade arrived in 80% to UniCredit and 10 per cent-on-BNP Paribas, this is a huge amount of bandwidth.

part of the differences come from the internal model differences, though some of the variation consists of a number of national guidelines, as well as special rules, data of various agencies, on their local leaders.

there Are significant differences between banks, to the reporting of information about the market, the risk to compare, it is difficult to report.

the Committee suggested that regular reporting would help investors to understand, banks position, how would standardized and detailed breakdown of the model is not used.

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Balfour Beatty wins uni-transaction

12 February, 04:50

infrastructure group Balfour Beatty yesterday, said he is the preferred bidder for 45 pounds housing project at the University of Aberystwyth. the 32-year concession contract includes the design, construction and maintenance equipment for the University. The project will be housing, 1000 students, as well as municipal services. Balfour invest, to get a 10 percent stake in the project, as expected, the financial close in the middle of this year.

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Pernod Ricard, thought a shot of tequila, the company, growth

15 February, 05:37

FRENCH perfume electric kettle, Pernod Ricard yesterday hinted that he can bet on tequila power plant Jose Cuervo when the enemy Diageo went out of business.

Pernod Ricard, the worlds second largest alcoholic beverage group for Diageo, also adhere to their goal of a whole year, the growth of profit yesterday, thanks to demand from Asia and the us to compensate for the decline in sales in France and Spain.

chief Executive Pierre Pringuet at the press-conference, said that his company will be open to all forms of discussion about Jose Cuervo, but stressed that the deal is not inevitable.

We could tactical acquisitions in the next two years, may be purchased by strategic assets " after that, " Pringuet reports Reuters.

Pernod, the owner of champagne Mumm, absolutely vodka and cognac" Martel", - he said yesterday still to be expected, underlying operating profit increase by almost six per cent in the year in June, slowing from nine per cent in the past year.

the analysts of Goldman Sachs, in a note, they believed, Pernod leadership was conservative.

in the First half of the year the volume of sales reached Euro 4.91bn (pounds 4.21bn), an increase of three per cent, while the operating profit increased by one percent to 1.459bn, Pernod Ricard, " he said.

Strong cash flow generation helped to reduce net debt by EUR 215m Euro 9.148bn.

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