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RBS wants to Libor-scandal

07 February, 05:59

supported by the STATE Bank" RBS has offered a two-year deferred prosecution of the deal with the United States, power, recognition, responsibility and pay an additional $100 million (pounds 63.8m), as one of the conditions of the settlement and agreed to yesterday.

the Bank of Japans hand guilty of the charges of fraud in the transaction with the U.S. Department of justice (DOJ), at the same time as the movement of the agreement with the parent company of the group, covers fraud charges, in relation to the Swiss franc Libor and the antitrust violation of Libor yen.

traders dont violin rates in the us, but some of the events were held across the US, by sending the authorities the power to fine the Bank.

the action happened, from 2006 to 2010, after two years of chief Executive Stephen Hester took control. But he says, management and regulatory authorities were not known at the time when they were more focused on the prevention of the giant of the Agency from destruction.

We also want to correct a wide range of control and risk management failures, which in RBS for the financial years of the boom. Libor-manipulation-it is an example, " he said.

But Esther admitted it would be difficult to completely destroy the warm relations in the industry: In the trade, culture was mateyness, the conference of the bars in town, " he said.

This is not the case for top-managers from different banks gathered around the table, but the danger, dealer, discussion, which you should not do.

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Prize Ageas UK go pounds, 2 billion, for the first time in 2012

21 February, 07:37

the INSURER Ageas the UK, the most well-known for his partnership with Tesco, yesterday it turned out that the total volume of the premiums passed pounds 2 billion for the first time in 2012.

This allows the company to place on 11%, and in whole for the year net profit pounds 82.9m.

Ageas in a position, profit on its Tesco connection, which looks like, road transport and consumer electronics housing cover, sold in the supermarket-the brand with the emphasis on a more profitable business.

This is the combined ratio - a measure of the profitability of accommodation that, comparing the total amount of the premiums, if the total amount of accounts receivable - has improved slightly, to 99.8%.

He also book disposable pounds 50.9m profit September after the acquisition of Groupama of the British economy at a discount to net asset value of the company.

while the market is not without problems of our distribution width, strong partnerships and a reputation for high-quality services gives us confidence that we will continue to build momentum in 2013, said chief Executive Andy Watson.

the company of the Belgian parent group, formerly known as Fortis, yesterday beat analysts expectations, in order to reveal the full year profit of EUR 624m (pounds at a distance of 545m).

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Mortgage loans increased sharply in Leeds mutual

20 February, 05:37

IN LEEDS, Building Society, went to mortgage lending in the background of growing savings and support from the Bank of England, the funding for the credit scheme (FLS), a mutual yesterday declared.

in the profit Before tax amounted to pounds 52.4m in 2012, is four percent per year, while the capital and reserves increased by seven per cent of pounds 614m.

New mortgage loans jumped by 35% up to pounds 1.65bn, and the net living area of lending increased up to pounds 737m, more than two times pounds 300m, wrote in 2011, and the building of the company of record picture.

the group attracted more than 61,000 new members, including 39,000 Spar-members with a total membership of the 696,000 and savings account to pounds 384m to pounds 7.74bn.

also raised pounds 375 million. in the long-term wholesale markets and pulled pounds in 200 m from the etc.

, while this initiative supports our mortgage volume of aspiration, the Spar retail trade, remains the basis of our financing needs, and that is how we imagine for the development of the company in the nearest future, - said the Executive Director Peter hill.

All of our mortgage crediting the account is financed by members savings. Our wholesale-ratio financing is reduced to 18.8%, as compared to 19.2 percent a year earlier.

As a sign of improvement of the market conditions for expenses for impairment losses fell pounds 6.6m pounds 41.9m, while residential debt decreased by 3.23%, to 2.89%.

But more on the 30 jobs, contribution to a small annual growth in the building of the society of the ratio of costs to 31 percent in 2011, up to 33 per cent in 2012.

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