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21 February, 07:53

in JULY 2010

cash shell-Chairman, on the basis of Nat Rothschild, floating on the LSE after increase of pounds 700m. It intends to invest in the mining sector

in NOVEMBER 2010

the Chairman buys stake in Indonesia in Berau coal and Bumi Resources for $ 3 billion in cash and stock, a deal

in NOVEMBER 2011.

Rothschild writes the chief Executive Director of the Bumi and Bumi Resources, to him of mismanagement


Bumi rent firm Macfarlanes, a suspect in the financial violations by the Indonesian Bumi Resources for information on Board

in OCTOBER 2012

In Bakries offer to exchange, to cancel its shares in Bumi in exchange for their Indonesian assets

Rothschild Bumi the Council, arguing that the company was not acting in the interests of the minority shareholders


nick von Schirnding replaces Dmitry Rathod as Bumi chief Executive

In the UK and Acquisitions rules that the two founders of shareholders to act in harmony with each other, and the rules that their aggregate invited the authorities comes to 29.9pc. It also begins investigation into the deal, which Bumi together

. JANUARY 2013.

Bumi confirms it has the conclusions of Macfarlanes probe, but not able to justify more

Nat Rothschild calls an extraordinary General meeting to remove 12 from the current 14 of Directors, including the chief Executive von Schirnding and the Chairman of the Samin tan

in FEBRUARY 2013.

Indonesian shareholders Roeslani sells it for a 10pc stake of up to two hedge funds and Fund managers, the liberation of the votes


of the Extraordinary General meeting of shareholders for voting on Rothschild proposals. It seems that he is defeated

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Chiltern Miniatures

Toscafund and ACE, to come to the aid, health Locums

07 February, 05:31

HEALTHCARE Locums revealed yesterday that its two largest shareholders, has released the preliminary joint proposal to buy all of the shares, which they already have.

in the troubled company, which provides the staff for the health and social sector aid, said that Toscafund asset management and Ares capital of Europe (ACE) suggested that, at least, 54p per share in cash compliance with health Locums closing share price on Tuesday.

Together Toscafund, the ACE is currently about 72.5 per cent of health Locums.

at the end of last month, the companys General Director Stephen Burke asked Toscafund and ACE for help, after warnings that it is not to meet your credit obligations in March and June.

Yesterday in his statement said that shareholders, said that the joint intention to make a large amount of capital in the company, after successful completion of the offer.

shares closed up to 2.78% yesterday in 56p. The shares have lost more than 80 percent of its value in the past year.

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Nuclear power, expansion of the hit Cumbria voting

31 January, 06:08

PLANS to build a new nuclear power stations in the UK affected by the strike yesterday in the County of Cumbria Council voted against the proposal to create pounds 12 billion of underground radioactive waste, landfills, on the shore of the lake district.

the government wants nuclear energy to meet the UKs future energy needs, but first he must find a new location for the storage of radioactive waste. Cumbria, which already have a solid nuclear industry, due to the availability of the Sellafield plant, there was only one local to the interest in realization of this web site.

Without the decision of the radioactive waste, the question, we can not build new nuclear power plants, local MP Jamie Reid, back nuclear expansion, said the city in the EVENING last night. The current process stretched out, but the policy must be strengthened. I am sure that we are working to meet the needs of these critical technologies of great Britain.

the government insisted that it would try to convince the other tips for placing nuclear memory. But he knew that both of Downing street and officials in the Ministry of energy are interested in, to the search for a new mandate for the Cumbrian place.

Hitachi, EDF, GDF and Iberdrola, all interests in the building of the new British nuclear power plants.

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