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BAE-profits fall, when he warns about the United States and the United Kingdom outlook

21 February, 12:17

the defence and aerospace group BAE Systems today in the morning, published a six percent decrease in profits, to warn that the key UK and us markets will experience difficulties, this year.

the Full year basic earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization fell by six per cent of pounds 1.9 billion painful unresolved disputes prices for key Saudi Arabia contract.

sales for the year fell by seven per cent.

FTSE company warned that the U.S. market, from which it receives 40 per cent of their income, as well as the British market"limited" in this year.

"given the short-term uncertainty in the US defence budget, the modest growth of basic earnings per share, as expected, will be in 2013, " he said this morning.

cmd was under pressure from the reduction of military expenditures in the United States and the United Kingdom, where the government is not trying to win a big budget deficit.

the British government, in 2010, reduce its defense spending by eight percent in 2014, as well as in the United States there are already plans in place to reduce $487bn (pounds 320bn) of its defence budget in the coming decades.

Despite a decline in profits, BAE dividend growth for four per cent to 19.5p shares, and began the three-year share buy-back programme of up to 1 billion pounds sterling.

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Watchdog back Libor has cuts

21 February, 07:48

BARCLAYS has earned several million pounds-a decrease in Libor manipulation well, because it worked, that together with the consequence, the Financial Service Authority, stressed today.

protection from the issues of the parliamentary Commission of the Bank, standards, FSA, said that it is crucial to stimulate the banks, which are open with information.

Barclays received a 30% discount for the settlement of the early, finish a fine in the amount of pounds 85m to pounds 59.5m.

Early settlement has many potential advantages, as it can be, for example, in the preservation of the FSA-resources, news came on the market before, and the public perception of timely and effective measures, - said the FSA.

therefore, We believe that it is in the public interest for the decision of questions, and for a start, if possible.

But the FSA has this discount has already come on top of another slice great, because Barclays was useful, by way of study, and not only in the resolution.

the advantages of cooperation with the FSA are cumulative - the firms recognition of its weakness and protective measures, which, after offend may at lower prices than would otherwise be the case of a punishment, it further reduced by the settlement of the discount, - he explained.

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UK trade bodies call in Tehran

20 February, 06:30

the ENERGY groups yesterday demanded investments in technology to solve Britains looming crisis after a warning from the regulatory authorities in the future reduction of production, will lead to higher prices for consumers.

the General Director of the energy watchdog Ofgem, Alistair Buchanan, yesterday warned fall in the UKs electricity in the coming years will be the import of energy resources and rising prices.

In the UK it gradually closing coal-fired power plants and turning gas, but at the same time, as the press of the international gas supply.

chief Executive stock energy of a body of great Britain Angela knight said: it is important that the authorities drew attention to the transition, how to evaluate what kind of performance is required, and at what height is required.

Simon Harrison, chair of the Institute of technology and said: a stable political regime and confidence to decarbonisation purpose is required, to bring [...] investments forward.

the senior Conservative deputies Tim Yeo, said yesterday that the last labour government was to blame for the neglect of the energy policy.

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