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Greencore rises on evidence that has not impurities

19 February, 06:39

the IRISH group products Greencore the stock jumped by eight per cent yesterday after he said that the test found no other traces of horse meat in their products and semi-finished products-Web-sites.

the companys shares, immersed in more than 12 percent last week, when Asda pulled out his own brand of beef, sauce" Bolognese"provides the company after they test positive for traces of horses DNA.

Greencore, which makes your own label sandwiches and chilled semi-finished products for large supermarkets, said it would restart production at Bristol company after deep cleaning this weekend.

He said Asda remains favorable, and that he works with suppliers and customers, to learn how the product you Selected was here to stay, 4.8% of the horse DNA.

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The British use I dip

07 February, 06:03

independence buzzed by a slow recovery of the world economy, from the influx of middle-aged men, which, according to yesterday.

starting with 2008, 367,000 more residents of the UK steel independence, the national Bureau of statistics (ONS) said, as a result of which the total 4.2 million. An all-time record.

the average age of the 4.2 million cohort, 47, The report showed, while 70% of them are men. Taxi-drivers, builders, carpenters, and the peasants of the four major trading quotes yesterday digits.

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Winton Capital-hit the $1 billion out of the customers funds

15 February, 05:46

ONE of the UKs largest hedge funds, Winton Capital, investors borrow $1 billion pounds 645m) from own funds, in the past year due to worse-than-expected results.

Winton, quantitative hedge Fund established by Cambridge physicist David Harding in 1997 saw, total assets, decreased $29bn to $26bn in 2012, the source said.

About $2 billion that came from the movement of the market, but the rest of them come investors, such as pension funds pulling out of the funds of its flagship Winton futures Fund.

according To the Fund, it was bad last year, and fell by 3.6 per cent, change to good 2011, if it is to 6.3 per cent.

source close to the company, said that he had seen, of the net inflow of capital in the previous year. We will not give in to panic, " they said.

Harding than the rich transaction Manager hedge funds in the UK, setting Wynton after the departure of the AHL, quantitative strategy of the Fund, the company, which he founded.

Winton makes the type of strategy, known as the GTs, very smoothly, and, possibly, contributed to the fact that in the sewage system.

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