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Byron hamburgers with a hammer, more than 100m pounds

11 February, 06:32

BYRON, in the prestigious hamburger chain, which are scattered all over London square miles, wraps for potential buyers with a price tag of between 100 pounds sterling pounds 120m, after the chain rattled to a healthy adjusted profit for the last six months.

this costume, which is part of the stable of restaurants, including the PizzaExpress, questions, Italian and Soho Agency Kettner, belonging to the gondola Holdings, has a price-in 10 times, and its adjusted profit of the company-consultant of the sale of the business.

25-gastronomy understands currently rake between 10 pounds and pounds of 12m in adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization and profit. In the sale process begins in November, after the private equity house Cinven, belonging to the gondola Holdings, interest received from sale. Accounts to Companies House show receipts to the circuit ripped by 63% to pounds 28.6m in the 12 months ended in July 2012, improve profit before tax 2.2 pounds.

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We have never been stronger, - Tim cook says Apple is at the top of his game

13 February, 06:36

Director of APPLEs Tim cook sound bullish note, Goldman Sachs event yesterday, reassuring investors that the limit is not a word in his vocabulary, and that the company remained innovation center. In his speech to the Banks annual technology and Internet conference, the chef admitted the claim to the company David Einhorns Greenlight Capital last week, calling it a stupid farce, but said the Board was carefully studied unicorn proposal that Apple should return of preferred shares to investors.

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Seymour still hopes for a deal

08 February, 05:45

the EMPLOYEES in Seymour Pierce were summoned to the headquarters of the meeting yesterday in the evening, to hear their fate on the financial reached out to small business of the Bank, " but you have made it is not clear, as his future, only with hope, that, probably, this decision today, the situation later.

chief Executive Forcier told the audience, that earlier the investment Bank is in talks with more than one of the possible buyers.

Grant Thornton waits in the background, as, probably, the administrator should negotiations fail.

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