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Warner Music wins evaluate the label Parlophone pounds 487m transaction

08 February, 05:41

WARNER Music bought Parlophone record company Universal Music, has won a tender, the war against opponents, including Sony Music and BMG.

Warner seller pounds 487m on the label, artist registration includes Coldplay, Kylie Minogue, Radiohead and power plants, after much web the other three parties on the label.

a joint statement from the company Sony Music and the Bertelsmann in BMG, the proposal media Mogul Simon fuller, and one of US billionaire Ronald Perelman were also on a competitive basis.

the Universal Music, owned by French media giant Vivendi, forced to sell Parlophone sleeve label EMI to release a place for their pounds 1.2 billion takeover of EMI.

for sale worth more than many expected that with the Universal-cashier for almost half cheaper, EMI buy.

Warner also bought the rights to Amy, directory of artists, which includes the Beatles - in nine European countries, including France and Spain.

Warnert expecting to see the same questions of competition, the delay of Universal, EMI transaction.

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Currency war will expand, although at G20

18 February, 07:26

the biggest economy can continue to manipulate the exchange rates, in spite of assurances from the G20 leaders this does not happen, analysts have warned at the weekend.

Although the news from the G20 exclude the deliberate weakening of the currency values, it is still considered to be acceptable, since changes in the exchange rates-it is a by-product of other policies.

We will refrain from competitive devaluation. We do not aim of our exchange rates in the competition, will be against all forms of protectionism and keep their markets open, he said in a note. We reaffirm that the excess volatility in the financial and disorderly movements of exchange rates negative implications for economic stability.

But analysts were more skeptical statements of value.

, and, Although almost all the Ministers tried to play down the currency and the tension in the weekend, the fact remains that many of the country, a desire, a weak currency, said Credit Agricole Adam Myers.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the government of Germany and France used the meeting to start joint initiative to crack down on tax evasion, international companies, which they present to the Finance Ministers of the G20 leaders meeting in July.

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German: decrease in the market of means of proposals to

14 February, 06:04

the GROWTH of the stock market, provide a powerful incentive for the trust and should lead to a strong relaxation in the field of mergers and acquisitions and stock lists until 2013, the largest investment bankers in Germany, the Bank said yesterday.

the activity on the market, and, thus, the Bank of income, reduced since the financial crisis. But Deutsche Bank reported increase of optimism, the forecast of healthy rest, and, finally, this year.

there are a lot of positive feeling now that the Euro zone will stabilize, and we can now go into a phase of growth, said the British capital head Lorcan oshea.

there is an IPO Pipeline, come through the great Britain.

Although it is too early to say what impact this will have on employment in the sector, which, of course, hoped that the sector-wide collapse of jobs, which by the end of, or even, on the contrary, as the bankers, to work deals.

Deutsche Bank expects that the average transaction to be the first to come to help, so be careful, companies and investors test the market.

Well-strap-transaction, as a joint venture minority unwinds was postponed because of the crisis must also early benefit from the new optimism.

especially useful innovation is the fact that AMERICAN investors are more likely to Finance activities in the UK and Europe, the banker said, as you, it becomes all the more confidence that you have already seen the Foundation of the Euro zone crisis.

for Private groups, is expected to also take advantage of the tide, in order to facilitate assets, they were barren years, and also due to the improvement of the climate.

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