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Production in the construction sector edge-to-0.9 percent in the fourth quarter of

08 February, 17:50

UK manufacturing construction increased more than first thought in the last three months of the year, pointing to a slight improvement of overall economic output, data for today.

the Official data of the national Bureau of statistics shows that the construction sector, which is about seven per cent of the economy - increased by 0.9% in the fourth quarter, compared with 0.3%in the preliminary forecasts.

a Big drops in production of construction has been an important factor, UK recession at the end of 2011 and the first half of 2012, and the country stood on the decline over the last three months of the year 2012, the fears of renewed recession.

however, production in the construction sector in the fourth quarter grew by 9.3% year-on-year, continuing the trend of the annual falls operation in 2011.

the UK economy emerged from recession in the third quarter of 2012, partly because of the Olympic games in London, but slipped and again in the fight in the fourth quarter due to the continued fall in oil and gas production, and, in the end, the Olympic momentum.

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New tie to provide security for mobile devices

18 February, 07:31

the FTSE-100-giant Vodafone and BAE Systems announced yesterday, a five-year strategic partnership to protect your mobile phone. Communication is a part of BAE Systems" push to increase their cyber-security and the hand of BAE Systems Detica, and also will help Vodafone, business customers the fight against the growing threat of cyber-attacks. Initiative between the pair, Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager, will start in the spring. BAE and Vodafone goal, ultimately, offer a wide range of security systems, such as the one protecting machine-to-machine interactions.

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Bumi-Chairman of the calls in the city-the police, the alleged hackers incident

11 February, 07:25

BOTH sides in the conference hall of the judicial process, in Indonesia miner Bumi is separately filed a formal complaint to the law enforcement agencies in London, allegedly hacking is not a crime.

Bumi the billionaire Chairman of Samin tan is understood, accepted the report of the security for validation, allegedly hacking in London police, the Serious Fraud Office and Organised crime Agency.

thus, separate complaint in the past year in the Metropolitan police company of the investigation into the alleged hacking E-Mail Nat Rothschild, who are fighting to regain its share on the London stock outfit. Both sides declined to comment.

on The eve of the crisis meeting of shareholders on 21. February, to determine the fate of the company. Rothschild received a boost on Friday after relations with investors equipment confuse this beach supported his nomination Brock Gill for the Executive power, to replace the current chief Executive nick von Schirnding.

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