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Pepsi-News, Sales Growth

15 February, 05:36

PepsiCo, reports on the higher, than the expected income from yesterday, supported by increased sales volumes and prices, and gave 2013 forecast consistent with its constant rotation Plan. American drinks and snacks Maker was held net profit in the amount of $1.66bn (pounds 1.07bn), that is by 17% on a year ago and beat wall street. Net profit decreased by one percent to $19.95bn, although organic revenue growth came at five per cent.

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Chiltern Miniatures

Countrywide plans to return to the market

20 February, 12:54

real estate group in the country this morning, said that he plans to return to the London stock exchange after six years, as private companies.

IPO hopes, 200 million pounds. The proceeds will be used to repay the debt and continues to the national strategy of growth through acquisitions.

throughout the country, which sells and rents residential property listed in the period from 1986 to 2007, when it was taken privately, on the top of the market.

in the country, which, as expected, in the list of the FTSE 250 - way housebuilder Crest Nicholson IPO last week.

Goldman Sachs, Jefferies & Credit Suisse will act as bookrunners for the listing.

Separately, Countrywide posted revenue growth of 12% for the whole year pounds 63 m.

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Rio Tinto drops to $3 billion full-year loss

14 February, 12:34

Rio Tinto chief Executive Sam Walsh has promised to cut costs and conduct of the capital, more precisely, as a miner, sat down on the year-round loss in the amount of $3 billion pounds 1.9 Bln.).

Walsh, was appointed chief Executive as a former boss Albanese pension to $14.4bn letter of refusal to acquire, said that the company"relentless attention" on implementation of value for the shareholders.

For the full year, Rio Tinto, threw himself on the losing $2.99bn, the fall of the 151%, in 2011 profit in the amount of $5.83bn, reflecting the depreciation of its Alcan aluminium accession in 2007 and the acquisition of coal in Mozambique.

the basic profit for the year fell by 40% to $9,3, on the backdrop of a weakening of prices for raw materials.

Despite the lower result, Rio Tinto, a 15% increase in the dividend was 1,67 per share.

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