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The ECBs income on his Greek bonds

22 February, 07:35

the EUROPEAN Central Bank (ECB) EUR 555M (pounds 480m) on the interest income from its Greek bonds, bills of exchange showed yesterday, shows the Eurosystem, it probably has a few billion for emergency situations-shops.

), which are divided between the Euro area national Central banks, in their own profit, and, given in Athens.

the ECB took another Euro 553nm interest on other securities, purchased in the framework of the emergency programme, including those of Spain and Italy.

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Chiltern Miniatures

Chip companies, HAND shakes profit of the mobile boom

06 February, 05:26

to STOP the development of smartphones and tablets raised the British chip designer ARM Holdings profit.

In Cambridge, the company issued 20% growth of the annual profits yesterday, as the orders for its new technologies jumped to his feet. HAND-chip-projects, which it licenses to manufacture for the initial fee and royalties will be in the vast majority of smartphones and tablets sold all over the world, this means that the global boom in these devices fired company to new heights.

ARM reported profit before taxes pounds 276.5m in 2012, 16% growth in sales of pounds 913m. The company also signed a record number of agreements, provides a high income and will continue in the coming years.

Despite the expected slowdown in the smartphone growth this year, HANDS and Warren East, " said cities HOURS, he waited for another bumper year. [The smartphone growth] was from 45 to 46 per cent growth in the past year, and already in this year, according to forecasts, will amount to around 40 per cent. While it is 30 to 40 per cent, what we are in order, " he said and added that the company continues to evolve to stay ahead of Intel, the biggest threat.

Intel develops and produces the majority of the chips in PCs, again and again threatened to HAND the region without success. Intel " very well, " the companys resources-a very good technique, and you should be on the technological changes, East said. It is quite clear that you should adjust its strategy, but we would be more concerned if we just stopped.

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Apple develops intelligent clock

11 February, 07:30

Apple of development of intellectual see what will be a run for their iOS platform, according to various data, in the weekend. A blog about the New York Times said that Apple is working on a prototype of a curved glass clock, and though some of the details are, what kind of smartphone features of the clock may include, a former member of Bruce Tognazzini said he could communicate with other devices using bluetooth. Apple does not comment on the reports.

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