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The Ministers with cold water at RBS share giveaway offers

18 February, 07:27

the CONSERVATIVE Minister yesterday refused, claiming that they are ready to privatize the RBS through the transfer of shares to the public until 2015, although Lib plan support.

reports at the weekend suggested coalition of the willing to sell the shares of the Bank, for the population at a discount or even of them away until the next General election.

Its just premature discussion about what to do with shares," the Chancellor said George Osborne from Moscow, where he was visited by Minister of Finance of the G20 summit.

We must Royal Bank of Scotland to the point where it is written that the taxpayers pay, then we can a lot of talk about what to do, to share and how it again, the private sector, he said in an interview with Sky News.

the government owns 82% of RBS after pumping pounds 45 billion. in the midst of the financial crisis, the Finance Ministry insisted that it would sell its stake in the right time and in the interests of the taxpayer.

the Lib dem leader nick Clegg and business Secretary Vince cable are both heroes of the share of a giveaway.

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Credit Agricole in red again with record losses

21 February, 07:27

the FRENCH Bank Credit Agricole Wolfgang statement yesterday after a hefty tax bill from the implementation of its Greek hand sent a expenses increased.

the Bank has from the Euro 3.98bn (pounds 3.47bn) in the fourth quarter of 2012, while the Euro 6.47bn in the year, as a rule, their worst result since the IPO 11 years ago. But shares rose as investors welcomed the Bank plan to cut spending in the next three years.

sales fell by 15.8 per cent in the year to Euro 16.315bn, much faster than costs, which only the middle of 2.9%in the Euro 12.037bn.

the Bank was later unexpectedly large Euro at a distance of 838m the expense of the taxpayer from the sale of the Greek unit Emporiki, as well as" 541m charge of its own debt revaluation" and" 267m impairment of assets, which are on its 20% stake in the Portuguese Bank.

the tightening of prudential requirements, the additional expenses of Euro 832m for corporate and investment banking arm, EUR 923m for consumers, financial operations and Euro at a distance of 921m for international retail banking services.

But the main production activity was strong, with normalised profit, EUR 3 billion in retail banking services and contribution of Euro 3.538bn its regional banks.

Bank has promised to turn his performance in 2013, and claimed that he has now put his Greek compensation for her and pushes in the framework of the program of the Euro, 650 m-in, the reduction of the costs of it procurement and real estate.

- 2012 year was a year of transformation and reorganization. We turned a page, and develop a new medium-term plan for this year, - promised the chief Jean-Paul Chifflet.

the shares of the Bank on the day-3.89% of the above.

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Income jumped LCH Clearnet

15 February, 12:34

the clearing house LCH Clearnet this morning published 89%, as a whole for the year, operating profit as revenue jumped 24 percent.

In London and Paris on the basis of the information centre, on the London stock exchange (LSE) due to take the majority of the shares at the end of February, said the annual operating profit in the Euro 127.5m (pounds 109m). The turnover was in the right position" 426m in the year.

LSE would allow to reduce the price for his TRULY offer-on-quarter, in December, amid fears of new rules may force exchange for the improvement of 300 euros, additional capital in 2013.

in the framework of the new offer, the LSE will pay 366m to 60 per cent of the shares in the clearing house .

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