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Ex-JP Morgan chief says cutting state aid for banks will help the city

06 February, 05:28

the SCRAPPING of implicit subsidies to banks and make sure, that she will not be allowed to fail, if you are in trouble, to the territory of the hotel hate on the sector, and this is probably the city for a long time Point of view, JP Morgan former investment banking head said yesterday.

bill winters, according to U.S. banks received from the state support and a sense of nationalism in the transfer of punishment, but the fact that London will benefit more, stay open to the world of Finance.

the banker hatches bad when you Wake up every morning to be, is in fluff and dust in the headers, it is less likely that you want to work in the field, and that in response to the crisis, the damage to the economy, he said of the parliamentary Commission of the Bank-standards. "But if you do it correctly, international financiers can work in London without domestic banks of action, the consequences to you, and should make it more attractive for you to work here.

so, in the UK it is better, than in the United States, where bankers attacked for decades, he said, but insisted that Britain should stop using the following industry, if she wants to stay a good place for the world of Finance.

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New tie to provide security for mobile devices

18 February, 07:31

the FTSE-100-giant Vodafone and BAE Systems announced yesterday, a five-year strategic partnership to protect your mobile phone. Communication is a part of BAE Systems" push to increase their cyber-security and the hand of BAE Systems Detica, and also will help Vodafone, business customers the fight against the growing threat of cyber-attacks. Initiative between the pair, Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager, will start in the spring. BAE and Vodafone goal, ultimately, offer a wide range of security systems, such as the one protecting machine-to-machine interactions.

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The Best Brokers

12 February, 04:37


Panmure Gordon raises target price Galliford Try out 770p to 800p and maintained a Hold rating Market. The housebuilder and construction companies, established in the report of the results of the half of this month. Panmure, said that he expects that they show a steady year-on-year sales growth rate. The broker said that as a result of updates to forecasts, in the expectation that he expects it to be stable to positive spring shopping season.


Espirito Santo yesterday target price for the Supergroup from 300p in 585p after retail trade posted positive results in the Christmas day last week. But the broker said that he still has reservations about the stability of the Supergroup profit, and that the group may need more money for infrastructure to support rapid growth in the UK and abroad. Espiritu maintained his sell rating as a result.


N+1 singer downgraded RW Holdings from buy to hold after his strong dynamics of stock quotes and save their target price 600p. The broker said to the intellectual property for the support of 2013 is set to be a strong year for the band. N+1, the singer stated that, in the medium term remains attractive, and it is also still believes that the group may be an attractive takeover target.

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