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The top two of the economy of the Euro zone hit the deflation of prices 2013

21 February, 07:28

the index of consumer prices fell for the decline in Germany and France in January, according to data released yesterday.

the Two countries have a 0.5% fall in its index of consumer prices (CPI) in the last month, as in the Euro zone crisis continues, although for the year, two of the Euro zone giants still sees as prices rise.

the inflation rate in annual expression made 1.7%, in Germany, the official statistical body said, while the French equivalent of Insee put inflation at the level of 1.2% in the year.

Economists worry about deflation, as this may be the price imbalance in the world economy, require difficult time of perestroika, to smooth, it is possible, including a large increase in unemployment.

And with the price data came a grim confidence surveys with two INSEE and the European Commission (EC), both released and separately yesterday.

consumer confidence jumped up only 0.3 in the Euro zone in February, stated that the EU, remain far below zero minus-23.6.

And the economic sentiment indicator crept up 1.4 points, up to 89.2, which is still far below the long term average of 100, and this is much worse than for most of the Euro zone crisis so far.

French-business climate indicator, from Insee, not worse, remain unchanged-87 in February, where it has been since December, is still significantly below the long-term average value of 100, as the countrys economy remains depressed.

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Prize Ageas UK go pounds, 2 billion, for the first time in 2012

21 February, 07:37

the INSURER Ageas the UK, the most well-known for his partnership with Tesco, yesterday it turned out that the total volume of the premiums passed pounds 2 billion for the first time in 2012.

This allows the company to place on 11%, and in whole for the year net profit pounds 82.9m.

Ageas in a position, profit on its Tesco connection, which looks like, road transport and consumer electronics housing cover, sold in the supermarket-the brand with the emphasis on a more profitable business.

This is the combined ratio - a measure of the profitability of accommodation that, comparing the total amount of the premiums, if the total amount of accounts receivable - has improved slightly, to 99.8%.

He also book disposable pounds 50.9m profit September after the acquisition of Groupama of the British economy at a discount to net asset value of the company.

while the market is not without problems of our distribution width, strong partnerships and a reputation for high-quality services gives us confidence that we will continue to build momentum in 2013, said chief Executive Andy Watson.

the company of the Belgian parent group, formerly known as Fortis, yesterday beat analysts expectations, in order to reveal the full year profit of EUR 624m (pounds at a distance of 545m).

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Dexia reports of damage

22 February, 07:14

the TROUBLED Franco-Belgian creditors Dexia reported a loss in 2012 yesterday and forecast of more to come in 2013.

supported by the state, the Bank has lost the Euro at 2.9 billion pounds of 2.5 billion euros) a year, compared with EUR 11.6bn in 2011.

He lost money on the sale of Turkish, French and Luxembourger units, as well as pay the Euro at a distance of 743m in state fees for guarantees on loans.

Dexia hopes to reduce losses in the Euro 950m in 2013, and fewer units left for sale and as a guarantee fee in the autumn, because the Bank is compressed it out of balance.

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