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St. Modwen UPS value of the assets of nine percent

06 February, 04:34

ST. MODWEN said yesterday it had agreed to the terms of Swansea University the development of the first pounds 150 metres phase of its New science and innovation campus, and he showed an increase in full-year profit.

The property developer, said the first stage of pounds 300m scheme consists of 700,000 square meters, including the development of 430,000 sq m of academic space, 899 student apartments and commercial premises. He plans on the site in April.

the agreement marks St Modwen the second major transaction years after the signing of the contract by 2 kg billion regeneration Covent garden market in the past month.

statements on the results for the year to 30. In November in St. Modwen said that he the assets of the key industry, the exhibition " rose nine percent to 272p per share.

one company, which saw its share price rise by more than 100% in the past year), said that trading profit rose by 12 per cent to 25 million pounds.

in the management and planning, approval of the portfolio contributed to the assessment of income pounds 48 million - in particular, in the South-East of England - and, to compensate for the pounds 20m market-damage assessment.

This was another successful year in which we have achieved some significant results from our portfolio, bill Oliver, chief Executive officer, said.

These successes emphasize our presence in London and the South-Eastern market, as well as to prove that there are still opportunities in the regions, well located and well into production, he said.

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Deputies of the demand of the tax avoided name and shame for HMRC

19 February, 06:48

for physical persons, who take part in the sphere of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes, their names should be publicly HM Revenue & customs, Chairman of the parliamentary Advisory Council.

in the Margaret Hodge MP says the taxman, he must be, and it is a pity that those who sell or use of the concept of evasion from payment of taxes, a management of public anger at those who are trying to housing taxable income from the state.

The report, published today, Khodja the territory of the hotel the audit Committee draws Parallels with the choice of a negative reaction to the unusual mechanisms of taxation in the network of Starbucks coffee shop offers the weight of public opinion should be, it is the power of the tax avoided pay your bill in full.

Although HMRC does not publish details of the schemes of evasion from payment of taxes, which do not work, now he is not the names of the companies that produced them.

select Committee report also noted that while the promoters of such systems are obliged to explain to you in HMRC in accordance with the law of only 11 companies were punished for non-compliance in the past nine years, the average fine, only 5,000 pounds sterling.

a game of cat-and-mouse and HMRC loses, Hodge.

In response to HMRC spokesman said: We are pleased to report on the practice of promoters, who sell the idea of evasion from payment of taxes for the rich people. Only in the past year, the courts have a solution in HMRC in favor of tax evasion in a few cases, in which more than 1 billion pounds has been protected.

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Work: we will taxes for the wealthy homeowners

15 February, 06:24

the leader of the labor ed Miliband declared yesterday, with the people who own expensive homes and promised to impose a crippling tax on real estate is worth more than pounds 2m.

the raised funds will be used to partly restore the 10P tax rate cancelled Gordon brown.

the shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, said the tax 70,000 houses high-class - 91% of them are located in or near the capital - can raise up to 2 kg billion euros per year. This is equivalent to the annual cash payments to pounds 25,000 from the affected homeowners, and it would be a very significant increase in taxes.

snapper cook Savills suggested that the assets of the rich, but also money, guns, homeowners, including pensioners, are forced to sell it: It would be a nightmare to manage, because somebody at the door, probably, in the competition of their assessment. Others said the tax was an attack on ambition, success and ambitions.

Miliband said that the proposal does not Manifesto pledge.

last night in the Institute for financial studies criticism of the 10P plan and said that more than a cost-effective options were available to achieve the same objective.

the Conservative MP Robert , is waging a campaign again 10P tax rate, said the City A.M., the work of switched it on, the hoof.

This is a little, a sweetener for Eastleigh to choose from. I do not think that you are a tax reduction by improving the others. This will mean revaluation of every house in the country, - he added. The Ministry of Finance taking into account ambitious plan.

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