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Thomson Reuters beats forecasts

14 February, 05:39

Thomson Reuters posted better-than-expected, the growth of the quarterly profit yesterday and predict that an increase in income low figures in this year. Outlook, and was predictable analysts, who had forecast a two percent growth. Adjusted profit increased by $497m (320 pounds), or 60 cents per share, from $445 million. or 54 cents per share, a year earlier. Full-year sales rose by three per cent to $12.89bn.

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Alan Berson

Horse meat-scandal, also applies to Tesco value of spaghetti Bolognese

12 February, 05:41

TESCO was the last night, forced to admit that some of his Daily Value of spaghetti Bolognese, contain 60% of a horse, when the scandal for the labelling of meat spreading further.

on Wednesday, the Secretary Owen Paterson told the house of Commons that he ordered all the meat producers and retailers to start regular testing of all the products from beef, and the results, published every three months.

the first test of the products currently on the shelves will be completed this week, with the findings, available on Friday.

meanwhile, the Romanian Prime Minister angrily refused to qualify for horse meat out of the slaughterhouse in his country, as a pan-European study, apparently, was continued. Tesco-technical Director Tim Smith said, the affected Bolognese, can only be Irish beef, was in turnover last week in connection with the concern about the products supplied by the French manufacturer Comigel. Downing street yesterday the stock of health was not a risk to the population and care for the trader-practice and labelling.

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Greencore rises on evidence that has not impurities

19 February, 06:39

the IRISH group products Greencore the stock jumped by eight per cent yesterday after he said that the test found no other traces of horse meat in their products and semi-finished products-Web-sites.

the companys shares, immersed in more than 12 percent last week, when Asda pulled out his own brand of beef, sauce" Bolognese"provides the company after they test positive for traces of horses DNA.

Greencore, which makes your own label sandwiches and chilled semi-finished products for large supermarkets, said it would restart production at Bristol company after deep cleaning this weekend.

He said Asda remains favorable, and that he works with suppliers and customers, to learn how the product you Selected was here to stay, 4.8% of the horse DNA.

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