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Five die Thomson Majesty drill

11 February, 07:31

the Five members of the crew died in emergency drills on cruise ships, in the Canary Islands yesterday, police and cruise ship operator said. Cable snapped the boat, and he fell to 20 m (65 ft) of the ocean and dropped his head down, and killed five people and wounded three others on Board, during the exercise of emergency-and-rescue exercise on the Thomson Majesty, in the conduct of British travel group TUI Travel. Thomson Cruises looks at the accident.

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Alan Berson

Banks, the sale of the interest rate swaps for small business

31 January, 12:45

the four major banks to initiate the review, sold a complex of interest rate hedging products, which may not be right for sale of a small business.

The Financial Services Authority, in the past said that it had found serious shortcomings in the field of sale of interest rate hedging products (IRHPs), said, Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC, RBS, consideration of individual sales and providing compensation to the extent necessary.

Watchdog, said this morning, that there were 173 test cases examined, more than 90 per cent of breaking the rules, with a significant part of these cases, probably, for the balance sheet.

while the products were developed to protect the company from rising interest rates, they may face huge bills when prices fall. The stand of the enterprise even a hefty fine, that of proposals, many said that they were not told.

"Small businesses will now see the result of the review, as banks look at individual cases. Where the damage in the context of, the company returned to the positions they were without mis-selling", said Martin Whiteley, chief Executive appointment of a financial Authority behavior.

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Facebook and Google top-list-tech-buyer

08 February, 05:13

FACEBOOK and Google have been very productive buyers of private technology companies in 2012, with two web companies, splashing out of the 16 companies, each as tech acquisition slapped her-the highest level since many years ago.

Financial data of the company Privco revealed yesterday that the acquisition of the private U.S. technology companies reaches 2,357, compared with 22% in the past year, and up to 80% in 2009.

Some of the most high-profile deals contain Facebook $750 m (pounds 477m) acquisition of the photo sharing application to create and Google - $100 million is the case for the social advertising campaign fire Interactive.

With Facebook cashing in on him May flotation and Google serial face, the two are expected to be higher in the list of buyers. However, Twitter, which will remain closed, but already in the amount of about $9 billion. was surprisingly active buyer, selecting 10 purchase - same as and network equipment giant Cisco. ., Every day on the Internet offer on the website, which state the end of 2011 was the third largest buyer in 2012, by 13 proposals, as the company is trying to diversify its earnings.

Surprisingly, Barclays was the most popular consultant in the technology, private transactions, beat in silicon valley, such as Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse.

Privco said that 2012 was fine for a return to the expense of borrowed funds with the junk bond market return to life in 2012. The year also saw a large number of ABB-Hi-RES, acquisition, to the talent and not a new business.

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