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Seymour still hopes for a deal

08 February, 05:45

the EMPLOYEES in Seymour Pierce were summoned to the headquarters of the meeting yesterday in the evening, to hear their fate on the financial reached out to small business of the Bank, " but you have made it is not clear, as his future, only with hope, that, probably, this decision today, the situation later.

chief Executive Forcier told the audience, that earlier the investment Bank is in talks with more than one of the possible buyers.

Grant Thornton waits in the background, as, probably, the administrator should negotiations fail.

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Alan Berson

Uh consistent with its 4G-rate pledge

11 February, 06:33

The UKs first 4G mobile service in living up to its demands for faster mobile Internet, although the geographical coverage remains fragmented, according to a study today.

in the network of mobile communication EE began its 4G communications in October on the big hype about the download speed, the company said it would be up to five times faster than 3G.

the tests by RootMetrics, which today year, showed that 4G-customers can mobile Internet at a speed of more than four times faster than 3G.

The data shows that shes been betrayed speed in accordance with their promise to provide speed of data transmission from eight to 12 megabits per second (Mbps).

testers almost 100 000 objects in three cities recorded average speed 9.4Mbps in Liverpool, 11.8Mbps in Cardiff, and 7.9Mbps in Sheffield.

the speed at 4G-only were even faster, with Cardiff tests to achieve an average of 16.2Mbs.

RootMetric-testers could connect to a network 4G 71.3% of the time in Cardiff, although it fell by 48.5 per cent, in Sheffield, and even lower, outside the city.

because of the figures were similar to those seen when 4G in the United States began, RootMetrics said.

When it comes to accessibility from the EE-4G in the center of the city, the image of a positive, if not all good, " said RootMetrics chief Executive bill Moore.

We see that the share of 4G work in accordance with the other begins, but there are some noticeable differences in how people in Cardiff on the services of a better quality than in Sheffield, in spite of the compensation and the same.

EE was not available for comments. The firm plans to deploy 4G-27 more cities and towns this year.

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Such-Barr deal threatens to fizzle out

14 February, 06:15

the proposed pounds 1.4 billion.-Fusion-soft drinks giant AG Barr, and was thrown into disarray yesterday, after the shares watchdog passed it on to the competition Commission (CC).

In the current context, all of the shares of the merger have, in November, have been moved to the Office of Fair Trading, said of the region, Such and Barra drinks its merger threat to competition pounds 9 billion soft drinks market.

We are in the tall grass, at least in the first nine months of Chairman Gerald Corbett, said yesterday, criticising MICROSOFT for their decision to send a merge.

MICROSOFT in its report, the decision in the coming weeks. The former comes, Executive Director Paul Moody stepped down in anticipation of the merger, which would have seen Barr chief Roger Knows reduction. Yesterday Such a case the managing Director of The GB Simon Litherland chief Executive until the problem will not be solved.

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