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Three undertakes to pay a surcharge for 4G

04 February, 08:30

THREE, the United Kingdom, the fourth-largest mobile network, the company will not pay for the services of 4G.

the company, which was established to start high-speed 4G-service, in this year, says this is the offer the technology as a standard, and not by the individual tariffs for 4G and 3G services.

move contrasts with the decision adopted at the UKs first 4G network, EE, charging customers about 5 kg per month more than the similar lesser rate contracts.

“We do not want to limit the ultrafast services to a select few, based on a higher price, and we decided that our customers get this service as standard, Three-Director General David Dyson said.

Three pillars of the Hutchinson Whampoa, which did not yet have the necessary air launch of 4G network.

and This is purchase some 4G-approved the entire spectrum-from EE later this year and is set to win more than the auction ether, will be in the next few weeks. Nevertheless, it, probably, in the end, less than 4G spectrum, than its competitors, EE, O2 and Vodafone, and will be with 4G, to replenish its current 3G network.

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The city is Moving | who change jobs

07 February, 04:47

asset management company appointed Jane Seymour, as Director of marketing. She was in the style of brothers, where she was the same position. Seymour has more than 20 years of experience in the field of financial services and will advise the boss Martin Baines.

catalyst corporate Finance

business consulting two new direct input partner, Andrey Shellard and mark Farlow. Shellard has more than 20 years of experience in investment banking city, most recently managing Director of Barclays Capital. Farlow > KPMG, where he was a partner in a period of 10 years.

the allies of the world.

Julian James was appointed President of the insurance provider of solutions for the European platform. He has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the latter, as the chief Executive Director of the Lockton International. He also held senior positions in the Lloyds insurers in the world.

FTI Consulting

Project development, the company has appointed Andreas from Keitz, as senior managing Director of corporate Finance and restructuring practice in Europe, the middle East and in Africa. He shall come with KPMG, where he as the head of the groups business transaction.

for the SIX-payment services

Pedro Deserrano joined payments, which the supplier as the head of the marketing Department. He recently as senior Vice President of sales and marketing in the Visa Europe.


Reno Oury came services and software, as the commercial Director. It connects with the CETREL securities, where he was managing Director.

  Alan Berson  

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Crest Nicholson floating-point of the company pounds 553nm

13 February, 12:15

Crest Nicholson tomorrow the price 220p per share, in London IPO, the companys valuation on the pounds 553nm.

property group, said that the planned increase in the gross income in the amount of about pounds 224.9m, constitute the main pounds 56m and secondary sales pounds 168.9m from existing shareholders.

In the shares will start trading on the London stock exchange this morning, under the Ticker CRST.

a 50-year-old company, once again you to the stock market, on January 21, five years after he took as a result of the collapse of the market.

Barclays and HSBC acted as joint sponsors, the joint global coordinators and joint bookrunners in connection with the offering. Numis acted as a lead Manager and Lazard was the financial consultant.

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