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Analysts predict another missed the inflation rate in January-data

11 February, 06:39

INFLATION will come, on purpose, to 38. Month in a row, if the data for January will be released tomorrow, analysts predicted.

the consumer price index (CPI) shows the inflation of 2.6-2.7 per cent, the city economists say, marking another month after the Bank of Englands two percent of women with aggressive discounting in non-Food retail trade compensate the growth of the restaurant and insurance prices.

But still missed the inflation, it is unlikely that the foothills of the Bank to tighten monetary policy, a higher price or a rollback of quantitative easing (QE), Philip Shaw at Investec hinted.

the show is predicted that in the environment, quarterly inflation report inflation forecast, crashing through the three-percent barrier at some point in the year. If it happened, after that, in July, he may require, incoming mark Carney, to write his first explanation letter to the Chancellor George Osborne, the show was shown.

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Alan Berson

Kengeter goes UBS earlier than expected

13 February, 06:28

CARSTEN Kengeter, the former chief Executive of UBS investment bank, out of the group, earlier than expected, in the framework of a management shake.

Kengeter recently from the co-head of investment Bank with Andrea Orcel, its chief Executive officer, the head of coagulation of the group of Fixed Income business. But last night, the Bank announced that Kengeter left the band immediately and to propose recommendations of the Advisory basis.

a source said: “there Is a point when its only right, next.

UBS considers that reduction of the number of personnel per 10 000 people around the world.

Sam (head of non-core and the legacy of the portfolio, with immediate effect, reporting directly to Sergio Ermotti, Director General of the Bank. (Registered in March 2012 and the General Director of the investment Bank. Co-Manager UBS-a group of financial institutions (FIG.) in Europe, Edward de Vitry, let even in the framework of the changes that the new investment business of the head of Orcel. Javier Oficialdegui, Co-head of the FIGURE-unit, which was brought in by Orcel, will be the leader of the Advisory Group. Darryll you have recently left as co-head of capital (EMEA).

in addition, the Bank was fined pounds 9.45m AFS yesterday for client access to unnecessary risk, if it will be sold AIG-tools.

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“We have never been stronger,” - Tim cook says Apple is at the top of his game

13 February, 06:36

Director of APPLEs Tim cook sound bullish note, Goldman Sachs event yesterday, reassuring investors that the “limit” is not a word in his vocabulary, and that the company remained “innovation center”. In his speech to the Banks annual technology and Internet conference, the chef admitted the claim to the company David Einhorns Greenlight Capital last week, calling it a “stupid farce”, but said the Board was “carefully studied” unicorn proposal that Apple should return of preferred shares to investors.

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