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More and more banks in exchange scandal

15 February, 06:06

ANOTHER SIX banks to reconsider all of its sale of the interest rate swap products in accordance with the financial watchdog found more than 90 percent of sales checks broke the rules, the financial services authority said yesterday.

Allied Irish bank, Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks, Co-Operative Bank, Santander of great Britain and Bank of Ireland, all will revise their sale and payment of all who mis-selling protection against rising interest rates.

a member of the big four banks, which have already been agreed, the process to decide which have been mis-selling.

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Alan Berson

Publicis expects a difficult year

15 February, 05:36

advertising Agency Publicis 2012 graduated at the a high note, as in sales there is a large animal with economies in transition and on-line marketing, he, however, warned yesterday that the coming year will be challenging, especially in Europe. The group is in competition with larger rivals WPP, Omnicom, posted organic growth of 3.9% in the fourth quarter sales of EUR 6.61bn (pounds 5.7bn), recovering after a fall in advertising spending in September

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Lendlease gets good for the Heygate resume

07 February, 05:25

the AUSTRALIAN developer of Lendlease was yesterday detailed planning, in Southwark Council of the first stage of their pounds of 1.5 regeneration of the Heygate estate in elephant & the castle after Win approval in the past month.

pattern has caused outrage on the part of critics after Tuesday that the Heygate was sold Lendlease only to pounds 50m although the Council held pounds 44M to move 3 000 inhabitants from the estate.

the description of the sale were revealed after the confidential information, was accidentally discovered in the document at the web site of the Council. Local groups answered, saying that the earth was sold for a song. The Council refused, saying that this is a common part of the profit from the sale of the houses on the plot.

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