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The company, called for the preparation in the real-time mode PAYE

11 February, 07:37

companies have only eight weeks, to major repairs to the pay-as-You-earn (PAYE) system of the taxation in almost 70 years, HM Revenue and Customs today warned.

tax service explains what to write almost 1.5 million entrepreneurs from this week to remind you about the new real-time information (RTI) system-a replacement for the end of the year Tax return on 6. April.

In the new system, the company must say, the turnover of payment of workers, while in real time, and not at the end of the tax year.

the plan was designed to cut the over - and under-payments of the profit tax and reduce the number of errors in the cases when the worker to change jobs.

Lin Homer, chief Executive officer of STC said: the operational costs are kept to a pounds 300m a year, employees are taxed more precisely and fraud and error in the tax credit system is reduced hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

RTI also, ultimately, support of the government of the universal credit program which is supposed to replace the existing benefits, including job seekers allowance and income support replaced by an allowance in the amount of monthly basis.

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Alan Berson

Self-propelled scissor lifts, to record sales

31 January, 06:12

FACEBOOK turnover reached new heights in the end of last year, as the social network has earned on more and more people use it for smartphones.

income during the last three months of the year 2012 reached $1.59bn (1 billion pounds), up 26 percent compared with the previous quarter, and by 40% year-on-year, the company said yesterday.

today also reported that for the first time more people have access to its services on mobile phones, than on the PC. As more and more people buy, associated with the Internet, smart phones, they are increasingly accessing Facebook on the road, and in the social network tries to convince investors that it may not grow as more and more people use it on devices with small screens, where more difficult to advertise.

Yesterday, but he said mobile accounts for 23% of all the revenues from advertising.

Today there are no arguments - Facebook-mobile company, CEO mark Zuckerberg said. We have started the year with no advertising on the phone, and we were about 23 percent. Its pretty amazing.

Despite the gains, jump, net profit fell to $302m year at $64m from the share-based compensation in connection with last years IPO. Zuckerberg also warned that profit will be less, in 2013, as it invests in new products and services.

Facebook fell after closing of the trades on Wednesday, yesterday, worth about $30. Though the shares of the company is improving, since the September lows, you still have ways to $38 per share, evaluate Facebook to 100 billion dollars, when he floated in may of the last year.

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FIFA publisher of the game sales drop

31 January, 06:07

publisher of computer games Electronic Arts, company for the FIFA series, last night announced the reduction of sales for the third quarter, as the industry continued to fight with the flag of sales, as the public is waiting for the next generation of consoles. During the last three months of 2012, the company showed net proceeds in the amount of $922m (pounds 583m), compared with $1.06bn a year ago. It reported a net loss of $45 million.

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