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Heathrow full-year profit grows

18 February, 12:14

the operator of Heathrow airport this morning sent a significant growth of the annual net profit due to the increase in airport fees.

Heathrow, which recently announced that the 1.5 pounds, the sale of Stansted Airport, posted an 11.6 percent jump in adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization for the year pounds 1.26bn.

income were recorded pounds 2.46bn, to 8.1% year-on-year.

Heathrow increases airport tariffs on average by 12.5 percent compared to April 2011.

the traffic on the main exchange hub increased by 0.9 percent for the year 70 million passengers, airport operators, he said.

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Alan Berson

Xstrata pounds 3.8 billion Philippine project receives from the environment

20 February, 05:29

XSTRATA $5.9 billion pounds of 3.8 billion euros) - mining project in the Philippines has been given the green light at the local Department of the environment, to remove a key barrier delay work on the copper-Gold-Mine.

Tampakan project was implemented until 2010, the ban on open mountain, imposed by the provincial government of South Cotabato, because its harmful impact on the environment.

The Department of environment and natural resources, Philippines, published yesterday eco-compliance certificate (ECC) for Sagittarius mines, the Philippines basis of subsidiary companies in the FTSE-100 list of the world - but under certain conditions.

the company as mitigate the possible negative consequences of implementation of the project to the community, health, social welfare, and the environment, in accordance with the ECC.

Sagittarius is currently reviewing the conditions.

however, the company is still needed, at least, three more local permission before they can start the construction work.

Archer-the majority belongs to the copper Xstrata, the worlds fourth largest producer of copper.

9,605-ha Tampakan project, on the southern island of Mindanao, as expected, will be the average annual income of 375 000 metric tons of the red metal and 360 000 ounces of gold a year.

according To my forecasts, already in the 17 years of life.

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Turner problem for the printing of money

07 February, 06:03

PRINT money, should not be taboo, the watchdog-the boss Lord Turner said last night, as this can be useful in small doses.

the Bank of England in our time is up, the money to buy gilts, with the majority of economists hold, cash money instead, can lead to hyperinflation, as in Zimbabwe or in the beginning of the 1920s in Germany.

But, the departure of the Financial Services Authority of the head of Lord Turner said that the Bank shall outside of quantitative easing (QE), gilding buy and actually printing the money.

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