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IFS is pushing for a new taxation policy.

21 February, 07:30

the CHANCELLOR, you need a special tax purposes, on which to test the tax policy, a prominent think tank said yesterday.

This step should be as part of the new opportunities, tax policy, Institute for financial studies (IFS) argues, with a person, more attention to their policies. Reform is necessary, because the current system is too inefficient, complicated and unfair, and the costs of the room in billion pounds for the reduction of volumes of production and wealth, IFS, " he said.

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Alan Berson

Standard Chartered increases the FTSE

19 February, 14:32

leading stock index rose in early trading with the British Bank Standard Chartered-leading the herd, as it was upgraded by analysts at Morgan Stanley.

the Bank not only financial company on the rise in the FTSE 100, today in the morning. The investment Manager of Aberdeen Asset Management increased by 1.34% in early trading, and the insurer RSA was up 1.1 percent.

optimism-this is not a buoy shares of the Bank, though. In early trading HSBC fell 0.54%of the RBS rose by 0.71%, Barclays rose by 0.62 percent and Lloyds Banking Group fell by 1,47%.

holiday company Tui Travel is by 1.6 per cent this morning, while the chemicals company Johnson Matthey, that on 1,3 percent.

in The broad index of the natural resources of the shares was a good turnout. Finnish Shakhtar Talvivaara jumped to 9.4 per cent and coal producers Drax gathered 4.2 per cent, in spite of this, the statements of the decrease of the annual profits today in the morning.

industrial services company Brammer was to 3.5 per cent, as he appeared about 12% of the growth of an annual turnover.

On the other end of the spectrum, in a grave telecommunications company Vodafone fell by almost 2.6 percent in early trading, as it was downgraded to underperform Yantar.

hotel InterContinental Hotels Group fell by 1.7%, while the report on the water, to keep the annual results of the morning. He said that profit rose by 11% in the year, because of the strong growth in the United States, the company and expansion in developing countries.

" blue chips " -developer of Hammerson fell 1.21%, while outside of the FTSE 100, the construction and rehabilitation of Morgan Sindall has lost almost nine percent. Today in the morning he said that full-year profit fell by 15 per cent, and the reduction of state violates its construction and infrastructure companies.

In Asia, the Nikkei closed at 0.31%, while in the United States-the Dow Jones closed at 0.06 per cent.

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BP is a veteran of Byron Grote wants to join the Board of Anglo American

14 February, 05:40

MINER Anglo American appointed BP member of the Board of Directors Byron Grote as a non-Executive Director.

the appointment of the cave, which said last week that he was to step down, as a senior member of the Board of Directors of BP after 33 years with the oil giant, he proposed to the shareholders of the English congregation at 19.

It will be in the English language on the audit Committee and induction, David Task as Chairman of the group.

the grotto joined BP in 1987 and is a member of the Board of Directors since 2000. He also served as BP chief financial officer from 2002 to 2011, and for oil, Behemoth through a lot of acquisitions.

the centre also plays an important role as a non-Executive Director, the production of consumer goods giant Unilever.

" blue chips" Miner Anglo American have seen a lot of Board changes in the last few months, especially with AngloGold Ashanti, the chef mark Cutifani on the chief Executive to replace, Cynthia Carroll, if it comes at the end of April.

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