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The analyst views | you are satisfied with Ocado results?

08 February, 05:20


the year 2012 was another difficult year for Ocado. He did not provide a rapid growth of income, and it is necessary to collect the money... the discussion is now taking place, whether in its assets are attractive for both M&S or Morrison and, if so, at what cost?


Ocado-2011/12 preliminary results come, as a rule, in accordance with our previously downgraded expectations... Ocado remains investments history, all of the potential of non-delivery, in our view. The next significant event is the commissioning of the second customer of holding-center.


growth this year was limited because of restrictions on performance, but the second buyer Performance Center is on track to open in the end of February, and this means that the sales growth needs to be accelerated in the last six weeks amounted to 14.2%.

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Alan Berson

RBS looks at the IPO 316 sector, as opponents of the parties shall ensure that a little

04 February, 08:31

RBS set to float 316 branches as independent Bank after failing to get all the other attractive proposals from small banks or private buyers, showed himself yesterday.

Bank was forced to sell to the industry, which come from 1.8 customers and 250 000 small business accounts, the European Commission in the framework of his state of the anti-crisis package.

But his original plan, in order to sell them for $ 1.5 billion in Santander fell at the end of last year, so that the Institute, which is trying to find a buyer, before the EU, i.e. until the end of 2013.

In the past few months he has been running a dual process of preparation for the IPO of shares (IPO), as well as for sale. Now it looks pretty forward with the same after not good suggestions.

the IPO is considered to be the best option for employees, shareholders and customers, - said a source with knowledge of the case. "But if the trade buyer came with a good enough offer, the Bank will have to have it.

" in the group, including the Nationwide building society, virgin money and JC Flowers were all that interesting, but dropped out and failed to offer enough. Analysts claim that the sale can write, as little as pounds 500 meters. RBS declined to comment.

meanwhile, George Osborne is in the Bank to pay any fine in the amount of Libor, the bonus Bank. The transition unprecedented intervention in the Affairs of the Bank, which, as a rule, the arms length, not the order of the Minister.

UKFI, the state stake in RBS, declined to comment.

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The EU seeks to draw US trade agreement before the end of 2014

14 February, 06:19

the EUROPEAN UNION would in the summer of this year to begin negotiations with the United States on the preparation of the agreement on free trade, that such deals in the history.

President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso made this statement after President Obama has a decrease in trade-in Thursday in the state of the Union address.

under The plan for the transaction, the parties expect to be than at 0.5 per cent for the economy of the EU and 0.4 percent in the U.S. economy 2027 - the equivalent of Euro 86bn (pounds 55bn) per year for European and Euro 65bn for US.

as a result of free trade could also half of the worlds production, and third of all trade. There is a hope, that the negotiations-it depends on the consent of all States-members of the EU and the United States, the Congress and can be completed at a rapid pace, with whom the contract until the end of 2014.

" If we want to go down this path, we want to go there with a full tank of petrol, and we dont want to spend 10 years of negotiations, the fact that the well-known problem of not achieving the result, White house adviser Michael Froman said yesterday.

agriculture is likely to produce most of the disputes, in particular, the EU subsidies for agriculture and the use of genetically modified plants in the United States. Other issues include the fight for state aid for aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing.

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