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Sterling hits seven-month low against dollar

19 February, 07:19

STERLING fell to a seven-month low against the dollar yesterday, after the Bank of England Martin, bill suggested Friday that the price that I would pounds, to weaken, to stimulate demand.

the pound fell 0.5 per cent in the course of the day to $1.5438, its lowest level since July last year by five per cent below the place, where in the beginning of 2013.

This happened after the speech, in which the bill, said that the Bank must keep countermeasures each burst of inflation, the weakening of the exchange rate. It makes all the others will be rejected, in the direction of deflation as a means to restore the equilibrium, said will.

on the same day, yen falls again after the G20 group of leading economies of the world have decided not to condemn the Japanese monetary policy easing, that I saw the currency weaken 20% against the us dollar since November of last year.

And, according to analysts, the yen will be reduced and further, as the Bank of Japan (BoJ) chef and monetary policy, " hawk " Masaaki Shirakawa came from his post, and the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, said that the changes of Japan law, if the Bank does not boost inflation.

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Alan Berson

PayPal card reader for retail trade

22 February, 06:15

Online payments company PayPal to the expansion of its presence on the high street with the introduction of Chip & contact reader he will be a face-to-face payments easier. PayPal, began in the 1990s eBay payment, portable reader is designed for small companies and independent dealers. The company says that this is the end of the small retailers, who do not accept the cards, turning away customers without money.

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Profit increased by sports Direct

21 February, 12:53

sports retailer sports Only this morning posted a 23 percent profit growth in the Christmas quarter, and added that he was convinced, had met its full .

" of the group, said that the gross profit for the 13 weeks to 27. January, in the third quarter increased by 22.7% to pounds 244.8m.

in total income in the period increased by 21.1% to pounds 589.5m.

while many British companies have struggled as consumers will be the growth of prices and subdued wage growth, heavy discounters sport just coped well, you will profit from the misfortunes of its competitors, the growing presence on the Internet, motivated employees because of the favourable programs of loyalty and expansion in Europe.

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