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Santander sees the UK growth, but a bad Spanish loans dent profits

01 February, 05:55

Bank Santander announced that he was now outside the Spanish housing crash, set on a steady growth in the coming years.

profit decreased by 59%, the Euro 2.205bn (1.9 billion pounds.) by the year 2012, for the most part because of the bad conditions of the loan Euro 6.14bn. But the Bank of the UK arm reported profit see, after-tax, sales rose by four per cent of pounds 939m.

fields in the United Kingdom decreased due to low interest rates and pushed the operating profit decreased by five per cent pounds 4.901bn.

meanwhile, expenses decreased by nine percent of pounds 2.222bn, increasing profit.

current accounts, deposits grew by 32% in the year on the background of a large advertising campaign.

But gross mortgage lending fell by 38 per cent to pounds 14.6bn in the year.

We expect a clear provision for capital, liquidity, behavior and management, and that allows us with confidence, that we must continue to support the UK economy, said chief Executive Ana Botin.

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Sanofi increases stake in Regeneron

12 February, 04:49

according to the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi-buy more of the shares in the us biotech company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, your partner in the development of the capacity of the treatment of Cholesterol and rheumatoid arthritis. Sanofi management 16.7% of Regeneron, or 15.82m shares. Sanofi-is said in the letter that he has the right to raise the rate to 30 per cent in accordance with the long-standing partnership with Regeneron.

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Such-Barr deal threatens to fizzle out

14 February, 06:15

the proposed pounds 1.4 billion.-Fusion-soft drinks giant AG Barr, and was thrown into disarray yesterday, after the shares watchdog passed it on to the competition Commission (CC).

In the current context, all of the shares of the merger have, in November, have been moved to the Office of Fair Trading, said of the region, Such and Barra drinks its merger threat to competition pounds 9 billion soft drinks market.

We are in the tall grass, at least in the first nine months of Chairman Gerald Corbett, said yesterday, criticising MICROSOFT for their decision to send a merge.

MICROSOFT in its report, the decision in the coming weeks. The former comes, Executive Director Paul Moody stepped down in anticipation of the merger, which would have seen Barr chief Roger Knows reduction. Yesterday Such a case the managing Director of The GB Simon Litherland chief Executive until the problem will not be solved.

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