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Investors back Bumi in the battle reached its peak

20 February, 06:25

BUMI yesterday stepped closer, win Nat Rothschild long-awaited and battle tomorrow, as institutional shareholder Standard Life Investments in favor of the Board.

Standard Life Investments, which owns a 2.17% of the authorized capital Bumi, said a vote against the co-founder of the Rothschild-Board proposals at the meeting.

He suggested, recycling 12 of the 14 Board.

the head of trade and the Executive Director of Standard Life Investments David cumming said that restructured Bumi cooker has the best prospects, the output of Bakrie relations and maximize long-term value for the remaining shareholders.

however, cum, said that his shortcomings, with the support. We have made clear, Bumi the importance we attach to the successful restructuring of their management Board and the strengthening of its leadership, " he said yesterday.

This is a condition for the restoration of trust and providing there are shareholders expect.

Rothschild said: We both believe that this Council, and the management group must be rebuilt.

Almost all of institutional shareholders now have the support or Rothschild or Bumi in anticipation of tomorrows meeting, except for the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, which will be about four percent of the shares.

at the beginning of this week, Indonesian shareholders Roeslani, he sold 13 per cent of the voting shares, FC Shakhtar.

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Alan Berson

Facebook and Google top-list-tech-buyer

08 February, 05:13

FACEBOOK and Google have been very productive buyers of private technology companies in 2012, with two web companies, splashing out of the 16 companies, each as tech acquisition slapped her-the highest level since many years ago.

Financial data of the company Privco revealed yesterday that the acquisition of the private U.S. technology companies reaches 2,357, compared with 22% in the past year, and up to 80% in 2009.

Some of the most high-profile deals contain Facebook $750 m (pounds 477m) acquisition of the photo sharing application to create and Google - $100 million is the case for the social advertising campaign fire Interactive.

With Facebook cashing in on him May flotation and Google serial face, the two are expected to be higher in the list of buyers. However, Twitter, which will remain closed, but already in the amount of about $9 billion. was surprisingly active buyer, selecting 10 purchase - same as and network equipment giant Cisco. ., Every day on the Internet offer on the website, which state the end of 2011 was the third largest buyer in 2012, by 13 proposals, as the company is trying to diversify its earnings.

Surprisingly, Barclays was the most popular consultant in the technology, private transactions, beat in silicon valley, such as Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse.

Privco said that 2012 was fine for a return to the expense of borrowed funds with the junk bond market return to life in 2012. The year also saw a large number of ABB-Hi-RES, acquisition, to the talent and not a new business.

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The government supports Ofgem electricity supply

21 February, 14:12

the government this morning supports the plans of the energy regulator to force suppliers to say clients low rates on offer.

the proposals were first launched Ofgem in October, the purpose of which is to make the transition easier and easier to understand.

suggestions want to suppliers for vulnerable customers and those who have not the energy supply, which with the passage of time with the information about the cheapest on the market.

- package, announced today, is a significant step towards energy-accounts, which are more equitable for all. It is about ensuring that the people before profit. It is about pensioners better able to heat your home in the winter, and the family cope better, if the accounts come, British Prime Minister David Cameron said today.

He also added that the next for utility services, it will maintain, and make sure that all buyers of electricity to put on your dealer low variable interest rate.

the proposal have been planned in the summer of this year.

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