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Credit Suisse attempts to reduce costs

07 February, 12:59

Credit Suisse increases the goal, in the fourth quarter came out below expectations.

Zurich-Bank, said that today in the morning he was to increase their purpose CHF4.4bn (pounds 3.09bn) until the end of 2015, from its former purpose CHF4bn.

in Fourth-quarter net profit came in lower than expected, CHF 397m.

the manual came to the 38% decrease in profit before tax in the investment Bank, with a low level of business activity in both fixed income and equities hand.

Credit Suisse also CHF304m costs for their own fault.

" we are Going to 2013 income is still not in accordance with good starts, we in previous years, with a yield other benefits from the strategic measures that we have undertaken in 2012, including our strengthen capital positions and our significantly reduce the risks and costs of the Microsoft", CEO Brady Dougan, said today in the morning.

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FTSE falls on the fed, incentive group

21 February, 14:34

In blue chips " - index fell this morning because of fears that the Federal reserve system of the USA can reduce their assets program.

the minutes of the meeting of the fed, published in last night showed a number of officials think that the Central Bank may slow or stop the purchase of bonds.

the miners bore the brunt of the losses, as metal prices weakened.

Eurasian Natural Resources was the biggest faller, is reduced by almost six percent.

Close to ENRC was the staff of the Kazakh miner" Kazakhmys", which fell by 3.6%, while Xstrata, attributable to three per cent.

the Russian steel company Evraz and Irish building materials CRH group both fell to 2.9 per cent of the whole of five" blue chips" the losers in this tomorrow.

the miners dominate the broad index of the s, and falling prices also with the Czech miners New World resources attributed to six percent, as investors reacted negatively on its annual results. He fell to EUR 1m losses in the past year, compared with a profit of 130 million euros in 2011.

miner Ferrexpo, oil and gas explorer Afren dropped by 5.5% and 4.2%, respectively.

at the beginning of the transaction, only one company - defence company BAE Systems - wrote gain in the FTSE 100. He grew up by 4.3 per cent. Today morning he has released six percent fall in full-year profit, and warned that the key UK and us markets will be limited this year.

Outside" blue chips"Mike Ashleys sports Direct, the authorities also good in this morning, and added, 4.4 per cent to the rear bumper of the holiday season.

UK shares of the Bank had a difficult morning. HSBC increased by 1.42%, RBS fell 1.98%, Barclays was turned off by 2.17%) and Lloyds Banking Group fell 2.33%.

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BAE-profits fall, when he warns about the United States and the United Kingdom outlook

21 February, 12:17

the defence and aerospace group BAE Systems today in the morning, published a six percent decrease in profits, to warn that the key UK and us markets will experience difficulties, this year.

the Full year basic earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization fell by six per cent of pounds 1.9 billion painful unresolved disputes prices for key Saudi Arabia contract.

sales for the year fell by seven per cent.

FTSE company warned that the U.S. market, from which it receives 40 per cent of their income, as well as the British market"limited" in this year.

"given the short-term uncertainty in the US defence budget, the modest growth of basic earnings per share, as expected, will be in 2013, " he said this morning.

cmd was under pressure from the reduction of military expenditures in the United States and the United Kingdom, where the government is not trying to win a big budget deficit.

the British government, in 2010, reduce its defense spending by eight percent in 2014, as well as in the United States there are already plans in place to reduce $487bn (pounds 320bn) of its defence budget in the coming decades.

Despite a decline in profits, BAE dividend growth for four per cent to 19.5p shares, and began the three-year share buy-back programme of up to 1 billion pounds sterling.

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