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Ex-JP Morgan chief says cutting state aid for banks will help the city

06 February, 05:28

the SCRAPPING of implicit subsidies to banks and make sure, that she will not be allowed to fail, if you are in trouble, to the territory of the hotel hate on the sector, and this is probably the city for a long time Point of view, JP Morgan former investment banking head said yesterday.

bill winters, according to U.S. banks received from the state support and a sense of nationalism in the transfer of punishment, but the fact that London will benefit more, stay open to the world of Finance.

the banker hatches bad when you Wake up every morning to be, is in fluff and dust in the headers, it is less likely that you want to work in the field, and that in response to the crisis, the damage to the economy, he said of the parliamentary Commission of the Bank-standards. "But if you do it correctly, international financiers can work in London without domestic banks of action, the consequences to you, and should make it more attractive for you to work here.

so, in the UK it is better, than in the United States, where bankers attacked for decades, he said, but insisted that Britain should stop using the following industry, if she wants to stay a good place for the world of Finance.

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Retail trade in the darkness takes a toll on Radley

11 February, 06:31

Radley, exclusive leather products coffee a teapot, " she said, and turned to losses in the past year as a result of an incredibly complex high street conditions, which saw Retailers slash prices to attract buyers. The companys accounts show that the reorganization value of pounds of 1.7 pulled out of the group of pounds 737,000 loss in the year to the end of April, according to 3.1 pounds profit last year. Sales fell by 45 pounds sterling up to pounds 41.2m.

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The company is the ex-dividend-hit FTSE 100

13 February, 14:38

from the leading share index fell this morning, ending three sessions of the rally, as it was after a number of " blue chips " goes ex-dividend.

the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has led the decline in prices, and prices fell by more than three per cent, as he is the ex-dividend. The business of software, sage and oil giant BP fell by 1,63% and 1.44%, respectively, for the same reason.

On a wide FTSE 250 miner African Barrick Gold gained more than eight percent in early trading, as he said today in the morning he came in 2012 decreased by 39%. Shakhtar are currently focused on reducing costs.

positive results of the " blue chips Tullow Oil and Reckitt Benckiser" partly offset the decline in the FTSE 100.

Tullow took upon himself the leadership of the Council in early trading to more than 4.5%, as a jump in profit before tax and income in the past year. But he added that it would write off $671m for unsuccessful drilling, although this does not stop, the price of shares for tomorrow.

Consumer giant Reckitt Benckiser", which this morning posted better-than-expected results for the year increased by nearly two per cent.

Oil services group Petrofac by 3.5%.

Outside" blue chips", Bumi more than 8,5%. Yesterday she decided, it is important that the financing of the first stage of the divorce decision, see her Indonesian side for sale.

UK Bank shares in the negative area, in the morning. HSBC fell by 0.14 per cent of RBS fell 0.76%, Barclays dropped by 0.37% and Lloyds Banking Group down 1.17%.

In Asia, the Nikkei closed down 1.04%, while in the United States-the Dow Jones castle to 0.34%.

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