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Sports Direct profits to continue the winning streak

22 February, 06:21

SPORTS DIRECT has shrugged off any signs of sorrow, on the high street, after the release of 23%, in the third quarter of profit from yesterday.

the sport and retail trade, controlled by Newcastle United FC", owner Mike Ashley, " said the turnover of the group for the 13 weeks to 27. In January has grown on 21% up to pounds 589.5m, due to strong growth in its stores, where sales grew by 21% to pounds 495.8m.

This includes proceeds from 20 JJB stores it bought last year, after his opponent rushed into the office.

the group owns Lilywhites, as well as Dunlop and see trademarks, the benefits of the death of his competitors, the growing presence on the Internet, and highly motivated staff from the lucrative bonus-program.

gross profit increased by 22.7% to pounds 244.8m and chief Executive officer Dave" the force said that it was safe to your income for the full year target audience pounds of 270 meters.

, As we have already in December, a group of strong performance of the villages in the third quarter, in the first place, our sport-retail trade", including in a network the Internet after the successful integration of our new operating platform, - " forces, " the statement says.

" shares grew by 43% in comparison with the previous year and the castle by 5.7% higher, yesterday in 440p.

In September the company, she wanted to return to the super-stretch - a program bonus-reward Ashley 10 million shares, if the goals were achieved after the shareholders against such a proposal in September.

the group put a revised bonus plan for the shareholders, at its next annual General meeting of shareholders in the year.

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Banks, the sale of the interest rate swaps for small business

31 January, 12:45

the four major banks to initiate the review, sold a complex of interest rate hedging products, which may not be right for sale of a small business.

The Financial Services Authority, in the past said that it had found serious shortcomings in the field of sale of interest rate hedging products (IRHPs), said, Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC, RBS, consideration of individual sales and providing compensation to the extent necessary.

Watchdog, said this morning, that there were 173 test cases examined, more than 90 per cent of breaking the rules, with a significant part of these cases, probably, for the balance sheet.

while the products were developed to protect the company from rising interest rates, they may face huge bills when prices fall. The stand of the enterprise even a hefty fine, that of proposals, many said that they were not told.

"Small businesses will now see the result of the review, as banks look at individual cases. Where the damage in the context of, the company returned to the positions they were without mis-selling", said Martin Whiteley, chief Executive appointment of a financial Authority behavior.

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The analyst Views | what is your reaction to Crest nicholson market debut?

19 February, 06:35


Crest Nicholson) started trading on Wednesday on" gray" the market, so that the majority of purchases did last week... I thought it would be good, but I wonder how youre still a good act. Now with all the housebuilders we are waiting to see how the spring selling season has already begun. If the world thinks that the season has started well, Crest-shares, most likely, benefits, and further growth.


Crest Nicholson IPO went on quite a reasonable estimate, and its great to see that he was very well received and fully " blue chip institutional shareholders. This doesnt surprise us, because he went to a premium after the release of demand and supply is Testament to the attractions of the shares in terms of returns, geography and management.

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