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Visa in the amount of us $1.8 repurchase of shares

07 February, 05:28

VISA IN the first quarter profit increased by 30%, while in the world, credit and debit cards-network of authorized a new $1.75 bn. (pounds 1,1) share repurchase program, he said yesterday.

new buyback programme, brings the total amount of a resolution of about $2.9 billion.

the profit of the company grew by $1.3 billion, or us $ 1.93 per share of class A, with $1 billion, or $1.49 per class A share, a year earlier. Total operating revenue increased by 12% to US $2.8 billion. The volume of payments increased by nine percent to 1.1 trillion, and transactions processed at four percent.

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The inevitable reduction in America cast a shadow on the protection of expenses

22 February, 07:27

INVESTORS were, of course, is not intended BAE yesterday, as his announcement, the redemption of shares and less severe than expected, the annual number saw a bump on the value of its shares, as well as a wide index fell.

nevertheless, positive mood, may in the short-term. The elephant in the room for BAE remains the current uncertainty in the U.S. defense spending, if to consider, that in 2012 in the United States determined that 40 percent of budget revenues.

America in the battles against government spending in the way of financial rocks at the end of last year to a new, soars to 1. In March of this year, as well as the fact that, as carbon is to enter into force. This round enthusiasm reduce, including $42.7bn (pounds 27.9bn) reduction in military spending.

cmd to ignore the consequences of a possible US carbon in the outlook of their number yesterday. That he will look optimistically, if you go, as seems likely. Some analysts still at the beginning of the reduction factor in the calculation that you want on the U.S. economy. US army Ray Odierno, " he warned creates a danger of a hollow army. These are the risks hand BAE forecasts sound convincing, as well.

  Starlight Suite  

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Payments reduce looks pounds 680m wiped RSA-shares

21 February, 07:37

MORE than pounds 680m removed RSA market capitalization yesterday, as investors took flight after the decision of the company on the reduction of dividends by one-third.

chief Executive Simon Lee told the town in the MORNING, the sudden decision to reduce the investor payments - that the price of the shares dropped by 14% " never will be the most popular solution, which in the short term. But he insisted that constantly low yield meant RSA should be more realistic than what they could offer to the shareholders.

" If we dont want to pay that amount of income, will limit the potential for growth in the future. The value of our shares, - only there, where there are three or four months ago, said Lee.

We have a strong reputation and is growing prize. Its just that we are operating in a context of low interest rates and a conservative investment portfolio, where 90 per cent of cash and bonds.

shares in other insurers, including Aviva, fell, as investors are afraid that their advice may be now has a similar action.

RSA also announced the decrease in full-year operating profit before pounds 684m, below pounds 727m, the company is located partially under payable in respect of the UK-floods and Italy earthquake. Lee said that the company intends to compensate for the flatlining activities in Europe expansion in developing countries, where he hopes that organic growth can increase the price of pounds of 1.2 billion pounds 2.2bn up to the year 2015.

the company also be used statement yesterday confirm that intends to change its auditors " Deloitte " at KPMG.

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