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Comcast to buy a share in the NBCUniversal

13 February, 06:35

WE cable operator Comcast to buy General Electric (GE), and only 49% of the shares NBCUniversal to $16.7 (pounds 10.7bn), with full control over the company, for CNBC, and Universal Studios.

the deal, which was announced late last night, comes more than one year prior to the date of the first, which was agreed in GE and Vivendi sold its majority stake in Comcast in 2009.

the original of the contract of purchase and sale of GE to sell back as much as all of its remaining shares NBCUniversal to mid-2014.

Comcast said that NBCUniversal well as the acquisition of the building, which takes at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in new York and CNBC in the company headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, about 1.4 billion. $

On TV and in the movies-the company owns nearly 100 AMERICAN and international channels, including Network News, MSNBC, as well as entertainment channel E! and" Bravo".

in addition, It has Universal Studios parks and film studios, as Universal Pictures, which made films, including pine, ET, and Jurassic Park.

Comcast said that the deal will be funded by a $11.4bn cash on hand, $4 billion-a subsidiary of priority unsecured bonds, which are issued by GE, $2 billion loan from Bank loans and $725m additional preferred shares in GE.

In the form of the merger is to be approved by regulatory authorities, and, as expected, by the end of the first quarter.

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Consultant Buffett request at Heinz

15 February, 06:13



FOR a broker, the marriage between some of the most prominent investors in the world and their favorite brands, both sides turned to a group of companies financial advice, favorable for small firms on wall street traditional big guys.

Heinz chose Blair Effron, Centerview partners, founded in 2006 by former UBS investment Bank Deputy Chairman.

Effron has a long history of advising on big-ticket consumer transactions, including InBev for $52bn acquisition of Anheuser-Busch and the merger Unilever and Hellman owners Bestfoods in 2000.

Heinz also on behalf of Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and turned Davis Polk &Wardwell for legal advice.

Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital, meanwhile, as reported by Lazard to your

- a consortium of proposals, with the help of JP Morgan and Wells Fargo.

Lazard has previously worked in the 3G-Jorge Paulo Lemann on his $4 billion on the acquisition of a Burger King in 2010.

Munger, Excellent & Olson was a legal adviser in Berkshire Hathaway, while Kirkland & Ellis worked on 3G.

Moelis & Company, climbed into the M&rating in recent months more than was known in the past, the restructuring work was consultant to the deal, the Committee Heinz Council and the law firm Wachtell, Lipton roses & Katz served as its legal Advisor.

Steven Lipin, the former Wall Street Journal-Finance-editor and OUR senior partner at Brunswick Group, since 2001, is headed by Heinz external PR-tips.

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Households expect, and even worse, the pressure on Finance

18 February, 07:24

of budgets of HOUSEHOLDS, fell again in February, and, it seems, is ready to receive even worse, in the next few months.

Markit in the headers of household finances index stuck 37.7 in February, at the same level as in January, and deep beneath the threshold of 50, which means that no change in households " the situation.

And economic consultations, the outlook index), who in the household, who believe that their finances, walk, crawl up to 40.6 below 42,8 to the previous month. This suggests that, as bad budgets have suffered, you have still a long way.

it was not retreat in Squeeze in the UK household finances in February, as the cost of living, and subdued wage growth, in connection reduce, is the availability of funds to the pace, starting with the middle of last year, said Markit Tim Moore.

Moore noted that the Bank of England decision to prevent the growth of inflation above the target impact on the budgets of the assessment of future price growth, according to Markit research.

inflation expectations remain close to their highest since the start of the poll, four years ago, " Moore said, " echoed in the recent warnings from the Bank that price pressures will remain high in 2013.

And to top it all, the difficulties of the impact of the worst-off, it is difficult, according to Markit.

In the bottom quintile of the workers saw the rapid deterioration in their finances within 14 months, according to the survey, whereas the highest saw slowly pull the year.

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