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Greece is not able to reduce the wage Fund

19 February, 07:13

Greece yesterday refused to fire almost 1900 officialsin particular, for the possible resignation, despite the promising foreign creditors, it will tend to reduce the territory of the hotel wages. The staff were last year in the mobility of the labour force scheme, that is, they get two-thirds of the wage and may be dismissed in the course of 12 months, if there are no other jobs in the public sector were found. Yesterday the Greek Ministry of found in the amount of 2 400 vacancies.

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Starlight Suite

BlackBerry reports of high demand

06 February, 05:30

BlackBerry stated that the sale of its new smartphone in the UK last week, beating expectations, the sale of in some stores. Phones running the new BlackBerry 10 software were available in the UK, before somewhere else. The release of the new phone is seen as a make or break moment. In response, we saw exceeded all of our start to the expectations of the partners, great Britain, managing Director Stephen Bates, " he said.

  Starlight Suite  

ADDRESS: Enfield Football Club Southbury Rd

CITY: Enfield

COUNTY: London


TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0208292 0665

CATEGORY: Conference Rooms and Centres


Splendid reputation of Starlight Suite is totally deserved. Its because they high quality products for the market. This company is listed in the section Conference Rooms and Centres of our London business directory. The company is relatively young. Most recently, it had a bad reputation. However, after improving the quality of products they again began to acquire new customers.

In the user review section, you can find information about the relationship of people with that company to improve product quality, and now, when the company purchased new equipment. Production shops began to work with maximum efficiency. The company plans to expand production. Cooperating with it means getting only high quality products. Various bits of useful information about the company can meet in the comments.

The company office is conveniently located in Enfield. Production units, of course, are not very comfortable. Nevertheless, this is offset by the high quality of products. Other companies working in the field Conference Rooms and Centres do not have such quality. This is a major incentive to cooperate with this company. You can contact the company Starlight Suite to clarify the information you need: 0208292 0665.

Finally, if you are determined to work with this company - you can visit the company's office. It is located at Enfield Football Club. Our site wishes you successful and lucrative contracts!

Call Starlight Suite: 0208292 0665


Byron hamburgers with a hammer, more than 100m pounds

11 February, 06:32

BYRON, in the prestigious hamburger chain, which are scattered all over London square miles, wraps for potential buyers with a price tag of between 100 pounds sterling pounds 120m, after the chain rattled to a healthy adjusted profit for the last six months.

this costume, which is part of the stable of restaurants, including the PizzaExpress, questions, Italian and Soho Agency Kettner, belonging to the gondola Holdings, has a price-in 10 times, and its adjusted profit of the company-consultant of the sale of the business.

25-gastronomy understands currently rake between 10 pounds and pounds of 12m in adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization and profit. In the sale process begins in November, after the private equity house Cinven, belonging to the gondola Holdings, interest received from sale. Accounts to Companies House show receipts to the circuit ripped by 63% to pounds 28.6m in the 12 months ended in July 2012, improve profit before tax 2.2 pounds.

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