New records

Vacancies boom continues, but the decline in real wages bites

21 February, 07:59

of EMPLOYMENT, an increase of one more new absolute record in the last three months of 2012, despite the indicator of economic activity, the fall in the 22-year-old minimum.

employment grew 154,000 between the third and fourth quarter of 2012 reached 29.73m, the highest level for all the time. At the same time, the unemployment rate fell to 14 000, 2.50m, 156,000 lower than in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Only the weekly duration of working time rose by 0.2% for the quarter and 2.6% for the year, up to 947.1m. And economic inactivity fell to its lowest level since 1991 - 22.3 per cent - with 294,000 more look for a job than a year earlier.

- several More reliable indicators of the labour market, with parts, the increase in employment and a sharp fall in the claimant count, " said that the issue of the economist Nida Ali.

“this is also nice, evidence that the force, with the increase of employment is almost completely due to the increase in the number of staff,” Ali.

one of the most potentially grim comment was significantly below the level of inflation, the rise in salaries.

the average profit growth was only 1.4% in the year, in December, only slightly more than half of the entire inflation rate of 2.7%.

But economists gave these flexible real wages as one of the main reasons why so many British workers are employed, in spite of the terrible General economic situation in the country and in the world.

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Starlight Suite

Payments reduce looks pounds 680m wiped RSA-shares

21 February, 07:37

MORE than pounds 680m removed RSA market capitalization yesterday, as investors took flight after the decision of the company on the reduction of dividends by one-third.

chief Executive Simon Lee told the town in the MORNING, the sudden decision to reduce the investor payments - that the price of the shares dropped by 14% " never will be “the most popular solution, which in the short term. But he insisted that constantly low yield meant RSA should be more realistic than what they could offer to the shareholders.

" If we dont want to pay that amount of income, will limit the potential for growth in the future. The value of our shares, - only there, where there are three or four months ago,” said Lee.

“We have a strong reputation and is growing prize. Its just that we are operating in a context of low interest rates and a conservative investment portfolio, where 90 per cent of cash and bonds.”

shares in other insurers, including Aviva, fell, as investors are afraid that their advice may be now has a similar action.

RSA also announced the decrease in full-year operating profit before pounds 684m, below pounds 727m, the company is located partially under payable in respect of the UK-floods and Italy earthquake. Lee said that the company intends to compensate for the flatlining activities in Europe expansion in developing countries, where he hopes that organic growth can increase the price of pounds of 1.2 billion pounds 2.2bn up to the year 2015.

the company also be used statement yesterday confirm that intends to change its auditors " Deloitte " at KPMG.

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The investor of the body is the support of Bumi forward of the Council of battle

12 February, 04:52

in a state of SIEGE be Bumi already got support of shareholders, the Board, Glass Lewis, in anticipation of its boardroom showdown next week with the company co-founder of Nat Rothschild.

WE proxy of shareholders, a consulting firm supports Bumi Board

the proposal and recommended that the shareholders vote against all but three of the co-founder of Nat Rothschild proposals to the General meeting


But influential body supported Rothschild at a distance of three members of the Board of Directors - Dmitry Rathod, Lord Renwick and Sony Harsono.

in the Last month, the Rothschild demanded the meeting on major repairs of the Council on disposal 12 of the 14 members, and replace it with the leaders of your choice, including yourself. He suggested, Australia Wal king, as the new Bumi Chairman and Brock Gill, as the head of the Executive power.

His proposal that receives support from a number of major shareholders, including Schroders and dove Hodson Stonex.

Bumi of the Board, instead of to be a strong move to divorce with shareholder Bakries and Indonesian Bumi Resources.

Separately, Liberum Capital yesterday supported the Council in the note and added that the company“, there must be a clear separation from Bumi resources and reduce financial leverage, both of which can be achieved with the proposal”.

Liberum admitted that Rothschild “gathered loud, Chairman and chief Executive”, but his proposal was not to be broken relationship agreement dispute and “there is no specific strategy in respect of the sale of Bumi" Bumi Resources-shares”.

realtor added that the current share price of Shakhtar - he was yesterday in 385p - “in a high probability of success of the Council of the sentence” in the next week.

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