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The weak pound helps UK exports, but the risks of Forex civil war

19 February, 06:38

AS David Cameron, talks to British exports in India, it would seem, the good news is that the pound fell yesterday. More weak currency makes exports cheaper (to pay the price in pounds takes less than in the foreign currency). In theory, the demand is growing, and, therefore, the argument goes, " said business chances of Emerging Markets. It also increases the profit for the UK transnational companies, which hold the majority of the enterprises abroad, but the report in pounds.

But the British export of a higher quality than in the past, and there is not much evidence for customers, today the price is sensitive enough to make it work. Meanwhile, the accounting tricks in the direction, in the rear end, we all feel, the value of the weak pound. In the UK high street, in a crisis, this is the last thing we need, is the growth of internal prices, but, on the other hand, the devaluation of the equation: the weak pound bought less and less imports, as the raw material and foreign manufacture products of the value of consumer goods. This effect is exacerbated by the high rate of inflation, not to fall in the official objectives of the Bank of England for two more years in England, outgoing from the post of the Chairman of the Central Bank, Mr. Mervyn king last week.

As the fear of the retreat of some of the Euro, the sterling was unprotected. Any theoretical improve the short term is not worth the long painful business and household budget home.

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Sterling hits seven-month low against dollar

19 February, 07:19

STERLING fell to a seven-month low against the dollar yesterday, after the Bank of England Martin, bill suggested Friday that the price that I would pounds, to weaken, to stimulate demand.

the pound fell 0.5 per cent in the course of the day to $1.5438, its lowest level since July last year by five per cent below the place, where in the beginning of 2013.

This happened after the speech, in which the bill, said that the Bank must keep countermeasures each burst of inflation, the weakening of the exchange rate. It makes all the others will be rejected, in the direction of deflation as a means to restore the equilibrium, said will.

on the same day, yen falls again after the G20 group of leading economies of the world have decided not to condemn the Japanese monetary policy easing, that I saw the currency weaken 20% against the us dollar since November of last year.

And, according to analysts, the yen will be reduced and further, as the Bank of Japan (BoJ) chef and monetary policy, " hawk " Masaaki Shirakawa came from his post, and the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, said that the changes of Japan law, if the Bank does not boost inflation.

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Esther sorry investments-chief Hourican took the fall for the fiasco

07 February, 05:59

RBS investment banking head lost his job and to pounds 4m bonuses and promotions, because he is a senior banker close to the Libor fixing, and not because he had taken part.

chief Executive Stephen Hester said the head near the top of the Bank, had to go to the show-the authorities responsible for the actions of their departments.

And he said to John Hourican put bill, as the offender is in his office, but to go further up the Bank will take the blame too high, and cause unnecessary damage.

It is very difficult, John, " it happened, a long way down the organization, " said Hester. "But it is right that senior management responsibility, should be adopted. "Thats right, John, to lose his job., as well as the financial losses-this is quite a difficult treatment, he loses all his clawbackable pay.

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