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In the Euro zone remain in recession this year

22 February, 17:15

In the Euro zone will not return to growth until next Jahrmit 17 States-members of the Alliance has decreased by 0.3%, according to the European Commission, in the winter-forecast today.

Outlook means that the Eurozone will remain in his second recession, starting from 2009, a year longer than initially thought.

the Commission forecast in the end of last year, the currency unit is 0.1 per cent this year, but now says, holidays credit conditions for businesses and households, reduction of working places and frozen investments detained a long-awaited rest.

" the continuing redistribution of the European economy is still weighed on economic growth in the short term", Olli Rehn, the Commission, the Vice-President on economy and monetary policy and the Euro, said today.

"the current situation allows himself so: we have disappointing hard data from the end of last year, still some encouraging soft data in the recent past, and the growth of investors confidence in the future. Decisive policy measures, that in the last time paves the way for a return to recovery."

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The price of gold falls to seven-month low

21 February, 08:01

GOLD fell to a fresh seven-month a minimum of last night, as the precious metal was caused to the triple threat of militant Federal reserve minutes, the growing appetite for risk and speculation that the hedge Fund, should resign from his position were.

spot gold was down at $1,570 .79 per ounce, the starting day of more than $1,600 mark.

- there are rumors that the cattle, raw materials, hedge funds, exploded, and had to fold its reserves, caused sales in the markets, said Mohamed Adam, chief Executive officer Mohammed Capital in new York.

the yellow metal was on the decline, beginning in the autumn. Came close to $1,800 level, at 4. October 2012, he lost a significant Paul, but more funds, as a rule, the resurgent in stock markets around the world.

Other kinds of raw materials, as well as a considerable decrease during yesterdays trading.

silver dropped by three per cent to $28.5 per ounce to US last night, while Brent crude lost 1.86%.

Gold dip seen is the creation of so-called death-the cross - term investors use the 50-day moving average line attributed to cross the 200-day line.

But Michael CMC Markets warned bear, saying, the fall cant continue. In the past 10 years we have seen, six of the death of the cross, and only one worked with any degree of success, " he said.

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The beginning of construction of a jump in January

21 February, 07:30

WE NEW housing starts fell in January, but still significantly higher your level since January last year.

private housing starts sinking of 8.5%, in December-the first 2013 will take you out of 973,000 in December to 890,000 - but they were still at 23.6%, which was higher. January 2012 in the 720,000 begins, according to the U.S. Bureau of the census data. Data projects completed and issued construction permits showed them how jumps up, and grew more than by one third within a year.

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