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Burberry in the management of shaking

07 February, 12:28

Luxury dealers Burberry this morning established the Council of the shaking, which will replace its chief financial officer and create a new chief operating officer role.

John Smith, former chief Executive of BBC worldwide, was named to the newly created chief operating officer of the post, where he will contribute to the Burberry presence in digital media and mobile technology.

new position reflects the development of the Executive team for the support, the next stage of growth,the" fashion-brand, " says the statement, this morning.

in addition, the chief financial officer of the company Stacey Cartwright resign after nine years of work. They will be replaced by Carol Fairweather, with the company for six years.

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Top-Insurer, in order to allay fears of a dividend cut

22 February, 07:16

European insurers yesterday, they wandered in the end of the year, dividends, reassuring investors who feared the industry may reduce the returns in a low yield.

Axa and Swiss Re, both raised their profit, as you declare, bumper annual results by 2012, while in Germany Allianz supports him a healthy profit for the shareholders.

insurance investors are afraid, that on Wednesday, when the British RSA said that it will reduce dividends on one-third of the weak investment profits through the stock prices fell by 14 per cent. The seller, the shares went in the other British insurers on the background of fears that they may take similar action.

however, it seems that, despite all the industry is struggling low yields of bonds, which of large insurers on the continent, felt the same pressure on profitability.

Swiss Re said that pay a special dividend in the amount of four Swiss francs per share, will cost the company approximately US $2.8 billion. (pounds 1,8), as well as the improvement of their annual payments by 17% to SFr3.50.

this message, as Swiss Re are represented 60%, as a whole for the year net profit-up to $4.2 billion, because of the significant increase in premium rate and relatively few natural disasters.

Meanwhile, Axa announced a slight drop in net income, but also increased dividends at the rate of four per cent.

Alliance, said that profit in two times and amounted to 5.2 billion. but criticism of the analysts of the company want to re-more of its reserves for shareholders.

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Prize Ageas UK go pounds, 2 billion, for the first time in 2012

21 February, 07:37

the INSURER Ageas the UK, the most well-known for his partnership with Tesco, yesterday it turned out that the total volume of the premiums passed pounds 2 billion for the first time in 2012.

This allows the company to place on 11%, and in whole for the year net profit pounds 82.9m.

Ageas in a position, profit on its Tesco connection, which looks like, road transport and consumer electronics housing cover, sold in the supermarket-the brand with the emphasis on a more profitable business.

This is the combined ratio - a measure of the profitability of accommodation that, comparing the total amount of the premiums, if the total amount of accounts receivable - has improved slightly, to 99.8%.

He also book disposable pounds 50.9m profit September after the acquisition of Groupama of the British economy at a discount to net asset value of the company.

while the market is not without problems of our distribution width, strong partnerships and a reputation for high-quality services gives us confidence that we will continue to build momentum in 2013, said chief Executive Andy Watson.

the company of the Belgian parent group, formerly known as Fortis, yesterday beat analysts expectations, in order to reveal the full year profit of EUR 624m (pounds at a distance of 545m).

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