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Crest Nicholson flotation receives the following companies

06 February, 05:29

financial consultant for the housebuilder Crest Nicholson managed to sufficient demand for the forthcoming IPO in the week ahead of schedule.

the demand on the proposal was reached, despite the nervousness in the financial markets on Monday, and, despite the paucity of new topics in the London markets in the last few years.

a source close to the deal is the first major IPO of the year in London, said yesterday that the book was all for the lower end of the 195p-230p price category.

With a week to go until the price has not been completed, and a group of his advisers Barclays, Lazard, HSBC and Numis, I hope push prices to the middle of the range.

housebuilder, which was taken private in the Scottish entrepreneur Tom Hunter and HBoS in 2007, the market capitalization of between pounds 487m to 578m after the IPO, which include the sales of new and existing shares.

the cross hopes pounds 56m the sale of new shares, while existing shareholders, including Deutsche Bank and Varde partners, to sell as much as 175 million shares. Deutsche Bank and vardu will be a healthy income from their investments.

in the Past month, a 50-year-old company, once again you to the stock market to position itself in the context of the recovery of the sector five years after the coming in the mortgage market.

the group and its chief Executive Steven stone, were holding back-to-back organizational sessions in the UK and the us in the last days, and their diaries, refusal filled prior to the closing date Tuesday.

the question is, saw Theo other candidates.

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Jenkins askance jobs and pay on the coast, to a profit

13 February, 06:27

BARCLAYS rose, as the Bank announced a large cost reduction plan yesterday, consists of four business units, and beat another 32 of its 75 units for the rationalization of institutions and maintain profit on a background of weak economic prospects.

chief Executive Anthony Jenkins announced 3,700 job cuts, which is significantly more than 2 000 expected - as part of a drive to save pounds 1.7 billion in the year. The majority of those who come in the weak European economy and Asian shares hand, the Bank reduces ago, although hundreds of reduction could come in the UK.

And Bank lowered the bonus pool by 14 percent, for the year pounds 1.85bn.

In an attempt to improve the Barclays Image, it will gradually close all events, which are intended exclusively for clients of tax bills, as well as agricultural trade in goods, although these units offer pounds 500 million in revenue a year.

Jenkins swore, profitability of own capital, so it is above the cost of capital to the year 2015. Currently it stands at 7.2 per cent, which is below the 11.5% on cost. He expects a lot from the fact that they come from the most profitable and high growth rates of units, including Barclaycard, the UK, mortgage loans and the activities of African countries.

He also promised to increase its tier I capital ratio by 10.5%, and to increase dividends. Bank-results of the year showed that 96% drop in profit before tax of pounds at a distance of 246m, although own credit pounds 4.58bn, PPI provisions of pounds of 1.6 billion rubles, and interest rate of exchange of the provisions of pounds 850m share this fall. On the basis, without taking into account seasonal changes income increased by 26% in pounds 7.05bn.

jumped 8.57%.

  Starlight Suite  

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CITY: Enfield

COUNTY: London


TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0208292 0665

CATEGORY: Conference Rooms and Centres


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Supermarket Ocado edge of the profit

08 February, 05:21

ONLINE grocer Ocado yesterday narrowed the end of the year the loss of pounds 2.4m, only to 600,000 pounds, as he leaned closer to profitability, reduction for the long-suffering investors.

the shares of the company, which has not made a profit since trading began thirteen years ago, yesterday at 11 per cent in 115.9p. This is still significantly lower, 180p the seller in July 2010 float.

total income for the year by 2. In December increased by 11.4 percent, pounds 716m and Ocado says that we are talking about 140,000 orders in a busy week 2012.

nevertheless, chief Executive Tim Steiner that companies, which are mainly sold in Waitrose products, is a good choice for long-term income, including by way of its decision to open a second distribution center in Warwickshire. At the moment all the Ocado orders, in the same location in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

We have continued to achieve double-digit revenue growth in the year 2012, when the growth rates of sales and new customers impulses, as we moved in 2013, said Steiner. In 2013, we will further improve the attractiveness of Ocado for clients, and we must greatly increase our chances, which since the opening of our second variant-center, to create more than 1,000 jobs in Middle Earth.

the business, creates three former Goldman Sachs banker, has grown in the last month, when the former Marks & Spencer-chef, Stuart rose has agreed to be its next President.

the company regularly, is positioned as a possible bid target M&S, as well as brick-and-mortar supermarket rival WM Morrison, and also does not have significant online-food-business.

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