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"Compass" Whitbread and even horse meat scandal

15 February, 18:22

more and More companies, which were themselves in the growing horse meat scandal today, as a caterer Compass Group and restaurant group Whitbread said the horses of the DNA found in the products that you sell, as meat.

the scandal, which was the cause, recalls and damaged confidence in Europe ambitious and comprehensive food, began last month, when the exams in Ireland, showed that some of the beef products also contains Konin.

compass, said today that he sold beef Burger distributed Irish company pastures products on the Internet-sites, in Ireland and Northern Ireland, contains a small amount of horse DNA. The products have been already removed.

Costa Coffee holder Whitbread, which also owns Beefeater and Brewers Fayre, said beef burger and lasagna products had a positive reaction to the horses DNA and was removed from sale.

Separately, the Council of the County of Lancashire in the North West of England said he, leaning cottage cake with 47 schools after you have positive for traces of horses DNA.

the grocery store, supermarket Sainsburys Island and said that today they have found no evidence of a horse DNA in their products.

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The Japanese Bank chief sooner go,

06 February, 05:30

Japanese markets, as expected, todaydue to a sharp fall in the yen after the Central Bank Governor Masaaki Shirakawa decided to step to three weeks earlier than expected, may be postponed until the expected shift to a more aggressive monetary policy. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has made it clear : he wants someone to work, who will be bolder than the outgoing Bank chief in the easing of monetary-credit policy.

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Esther sorry investments-chief Hourican took the fall for the fiasco

07 February, 05:59

RBS investment banking head lost his job and to pounds 4m bonuses and promotions, because he is a senior banker close to the Libor fixing, and not because he had taken part.

chief Executive Stephen Hester said the head near the top of the Bank, had to go to the show-the authorities responsible for the actions of their departments.

And he said to John Hourican put bill, as the offender is in his office, but to go further up the Bank will take the blame too high, and cause unnecessary damage.

It is very difficult, John, " it happened, a long way down the organization, " said Hester. "But it is right that senior management responsibility, should be adopted. "Thats right, John, to lose his job., as well as the financial losses-this is quite a difficult treatment, he loses all his clawbackable pay.

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