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Turner problem for the printing of money

07 February, 06:03

PRINT money, should not be taboo, the watchdog-the boss Lord Turner said last night, as this can be useful in small doses.

the Bank of England in our time is up, the money to buy gilts, with the majority of economists hold, cash money instead, can lead to hyperinflation, as in Zimbabwe or in the beginning of the 1920s in Germany.

But, the departure of the Financial Services Authority of the head of Lord Turner said that the Bank shall outside of quantitative easing (QE), gilding buy and actually printing the money.

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Apple develops intelligent clock

11 February, 07:30

Apple of development of intellectual see what will be a run for their iOS platform, according to various data, in the weekend. A blog about the New York Times said that Apple is working on a prototype of a curved glass clock, and though some of the details are, what kind of smartphone features of the clock may include, a former member of Bruce Tognazzini said he could communicate with other devices using bluetooth. Apple does not comment on the reports.

  Starlight Suite  

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Kathleen profit rise in the bottom of natural disasters claims

08 February, 12:27

the insurer Kathleen, said this morning that its annual profit grew almost five times due to the low natural disaster claims of the last year.

the insurer, which is the operator of the largest insurance syndicate at Lloyds of London, made a profit before taxes in the amount of $339mm (pounds 215.5m) 2012 compared with $71 million in 2011, when insurers are faced with a number of natural disasters.

Sincerely, sandy, which hit the East coast of the USA in the end of October, Kathleen said that it raised its estimate of losses at $225 m, compared with the previous $220 million.

He also said that after the death of a cruise ship Costa Concordia in January 2012 cost him $51, compared with the previous estimate of $35.

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